‘On The Outside’ Heads Into A New Chapter

The meaning behind the country pop band’s new single

~Josh Grimes, Editor-in-Chief~

For the first time in a few months, the country pop boy band, On the Outside, which is made up of five members, Jon Klassen, Andrew Bloom, Devin Hayes, Samuel Jenkins, and Dawson Huckabee, and been described in the press as “if One Direction had a love child with Dan & Shay” released a new single on Nov. 12. The single, called Sleepless, was released to celebrate the band going into a new chapter. It is about giving yourself to someone to the point of utter selflessness and sleeplessness. Now entering into three years, this single is the first to come from their new home in Nashville, which they moved to over the summer from Los Angeles. Sleepless is available on all music platforms TODAY, among other original songs like “Just Keep Driving”, which is about keeping going when things get tough; “How Beautiful”, which is about the true inner beauty we have and how our insecurities just makes us unique; and “When Two Lips Collide”, which is about opening your heart to love and being vulnerable. 

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