Ms. Linda’s Legacy

After almost two decades, beloved staff member, Ms. Linda, is retiring

~Savannah Dunn, Staff Writer~

For almost two decades, Ms. Linda’s name has been a popular one around the Christopher Newport University campus. In 2002 she began working in dining services where she would greet students as they came into the dining halls. Ms. Linda quickly became a familiar and friendly face that brightened everyone’s day.

As time progressed, she became more of an ambassador for CNU dining services. For years, Ms. Linda helped admissions and student ambassadors by talking to the families on campus tours about the dining hall experience. 

“On every tour she greeted the families and gave at least a five minute speech about how great the food is, and how we could accommodate different needs whether it’s dietary restrictions or just the fact that if you need a hug, she’d be there to give it to you,” stated Kim McDaniel, assistant director of admissions. Kim has worked with Ms. Linda for the past 13 years. “When I was pregnant, both times, I would see her when I went on certification tours and she would give me a big hug and ask me how the pregnancy was going,” Kim said when sharing her favorite memory of working with Ms. Linda. 

 Paige Bowling said, “I have worked with Ms. Linda for about two semesters and the office will definitely be missing an amazing presence and I know everyone who goes on tour will miss out on her talking about the food on campus!” All of the student ambassadors loved working with Ms. Linda and they especially enjoyed hearing all the families talk about her even after the tour had ended.

Although the CNU community is sad to see her go and will miss her greatly, everyone is happy for her to move on to the next stage in her life. Ms. Linda has left quite a legacy at CNU and she will not be forgotten by all the students and families that she has touched with her kindness over the years.

“She will just be one of those people that everyone talks about – oh Ms. Linda did this, oh Ms Linda gave me a hug,” Kim says. According to Kim, all of the student ambassadors who conduct campus tours are going to have to up their game when it comes to talking about the food on campus in order to carry on Ms. Linda’s lasting legacy. 

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