Returning to Campus for the Fall Semester

A look at campus life under CNU’s adjusted COVID regulations.

~Evelyn Davidson, News Editor~

This semester, Christopher Newport University welcomed its new and returning students to a campus life more closely resembling the pre-pandemic school experience. Since the administration loosened and removed certain COVID restrictions, CNU Captains have gone back to enjoying their beloved community traditions. For instance, the freshmen class of 2025 experienced in-person Setting Sail. Over the summer, the incoming class had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with college life, bond with their peers, and make memories.

Even though sophomores are returning students, campus life probably feels new and unfamiliar to them as well. Last year, sophomores grew accustomed to a socially distanced dining arrangement, but with the dining halls running at full capacity now, it may seem like a hectic maze of people and tables. In addition, take-out boxes are optional but not required, the salad bar is self-serve, and students can even scoop their own ice cream.

As for the juniors and seniors who were already familiar with pre-pandemic school life, they can finally go back to the more lively campus environment that they know and love. For example, with desks no longer physically distanced in the classroom, students don’t have to worry about feeling disconnected and far away from each other. Additionally, there are no longer plastic shields on most of the study tables in Trible Library, and instead of last year’s limited hours the building is now accessible to students 24/7.  

While it feels amazing to have regained a sense of normalcy, it’s still important that each and every CNU student works together to keep the campus and the surrounding community safe by wearing masks indoors and avoiding overcrowded spaces. With this in mind, hopefully everyone can enjoy all the events and club activities that CNU has to offer this semester!

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