Pela phone case review

Look no further for environmentally-friendly tech accessories

~Anna Dorl, Editor-in-Chief~

Note: The following story is part of a backlog from April 2021.

I’ve been rocking a clear phone case for over two years now. It’s from the Speck brand and it supposedly contains a “stay-clear” technology that helps the plastic stay transparent over time. Unfortunately, in the past couple of months, my case was starting to look more yellow than clear. I tried scrubbing it with baking soda, Clorox wipes and whatever else the Internet suggested, but nothing helped to get the discoloration out. So I decided it was time to pick out a new phone case that I’d love and wear to death, just like my clear one.

I’d been seeing a lot of ads on Facebook and Instagram for Pela phone cases, which are compostable and eco-friendly. I’m the kind of person that only buys cruelty-free products and likes to try vegan options whenever possible, so naturally, I knew I had to look into what the company had to offer. To my surprise, the Pela website ( had endless color and design options for not only phone cases, but phone wallets, Airpods cases, and other tech accessories. I decided to go with the Classic Color Pela cases for my iPhone XR that featured a beautiful speckled teal color. I immediately added it to my cart and waited a couple of days for my case to arrive in the mail.

When I got the email that it had been delivered, I couldn’t get to my mailbox fast enough – I already get overly excited about receiving packages, but knowing that this one helps make a difference in the world was even better. It arrived in a thin cardboard envelope with no additional packaging inside besides a cardboard strip to hold the phone case in a sturdy position. I remember the last time I ordered a phone case from Otterbox online, which came with what seemed like a million pieces of unnecessary plastic. Thankfully, this was not the case with Pela. I took my case out of its cardboard casing and prepared to put it on my phone. Made from natural materials including flax and hemp, Pela cases are super soft to the touch. I was pleasantly surprised that my sticky phone wallet (not from Pela) stuck to the back of the case perfectly. The last time I ordered a silicone-type phone case (a cheap one from Amazon), the adhesive on the wallet didn’t hold very well and it fell off immediately.

I’ve had my Pela case for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say it’s the best phone case I’ve ever had. The raised bezel design on the edges protects your phone screen from scratches and cracks whether or not you have a screen protector. If you don’t, Pela even offers a plant-based liquid protector that dries flat and clear, just like glass. The case covers major buttons and offers ample cutout space for a phone charger or headphones. If you’re looking for a tech accessory company that you can feel genuinely good about ordering from, look no further than Pela.

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