School Spirit at Christopher Newport University

Nothing quite like it

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

Christopher Newport University may be a small school, but each one of its students is fervently passionate about their chosen college. Our school spirit is unparalleled, but the student body perhaps displays it in different ways than other schools typically do. There is so much enthusiasm on campus each and every day, whether it be for the incomparable view of a sunset on Christopher Newport Hall or simply for a Regatta’s grilled cheese sandwich. Everyday CNU students find something to be excited about and take pride in as a Captain.

CNU pride is something that anyone can notice by just taking a short tour of the campus with our student ambassadors. As you peruse the grounds, you’ll notice countless Captains repping CNU gear from our on-campus store The Captain’s Locker. Whether it be a shirt, hoodie, sweatpants, hat, etc., The Captain’s Locker sells it all and students buy it all. Of course, plenty of students will also be wearing their shirts from the various extracurricular organizations they are a part of. Our sports teams are given no shortage of flashy merchandise (including personalized backpacks) and many sororities do the same thing. Another way students show school spirit on a daily basis is their major pin will be clipped onto their backpack. During your second semester of sophomore year, CNU students dress formally and attend Signing Day which is one of Christopher Newport’s most celebrated traditions. During Signing Day, students officially sign with a department for their chosen major and take pictures together to celebrate while receiving their commemorative major pin.

Though, Christopher Newport students show their school spirit in other ways too besides clothing and accessories. For example, the adoration students have for CNU’s campus is remarkable. While it may be small, CNU has been ranked by multiple publications as one of the most aesthetic college campuses in America. So, it’s no surprise that its students never seem to get tired of its view. Students are always laid out on the Great Lawn to enjoy the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of Christopher Newport. Sure, plenty of colleges have lawns where students relax on, but being that we take so much pride in our school’s beauty, students are also always snapping pictures out there as they bask in the warm Virginia glow (which hopefully will be returning soon). Personally, I’m always in favor of taking a quick picture. After all, one’s college years are supposed to be some of the best of your life so I like to have lots of pictures to remember my time at Christopher Newport.

Students also show their school spirit by staying incredibly engaged with Christopher Newport and the Newport News community. There is an organization for everyone on campus so all Captains can find their niche and something personal to take pride in. Whether it be athletics, Greek life, honor societies, service, or a recreational club—Captains always find a way to stay engaged and give back to their community. With a student body as impressive as that, how can you not show your school spirit each and every day?

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