The Many Instagram Accounts of CNU

Captains love to make Instagram accounts about pretty much everything

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

With only 5,000 students, Christopher Newport is an incredibly small college when compared to the majority of schools in America. Despite that, there is absolutely no shortage of Instagram accounts created by Captains and aimed at entertaining the CNU community. Of course, almost every club or organization on campus has its own Instagram account, but that’s to be expected. What’s unexpected is the veritable cornucopia of other accounts which cover topics ranging from bread at CNU to turtles at CNU (check out @cnugrub, @cnu_bread_club, or @cnu_turtles for further details). Many of these humorous accounts go on following binges for a week or so before slowly fading into obscurity after the owner decides he or she has lost interest. For example, @cnu_brush was one such account which had a steady stream of posts from 2018 through March of 2020 before being abandoned. The account was made to remind Captains to brush their teeth, and their valiant efforts did not go unappreciated.

Unlike the aforementioned Instagram pages, there are plenty of accounts which have seemed to stand the test of time due to both follower interaction and the owner’s continued interest. @cnu.crushes is an account for Captains to anonymously seek out their crushes and (hopefully) find love. The page regularly posts the dms received in the hopes that the crush will see and the pair can go on a date together. In addition, @cnu_kudos is another wholesome account for Captains to anonymously send in a compliment for a fellow student. It’s the perfect way to surprise someone who is close to you in a unique and exciting way. Personally, my favorite CNU account is probably @cnu_whiteboard_art which regularly features art drawn on various whiteboards found on campus. You will be completely amazed by the level of detail and intricacy found in the artworks, and despite their temporary nature it’s comforting to know the art pieces live on digitally. Though, these accounts are just the tip of the iceberg.

A few of the more comparably mundane accounts include @cnugrass and @cnuparkinglots. Both of which are exactly what their name would imply (featuring pictures of grass and parking lots) and both are, understandably, inactive. However, I’d argue that these accounts are much more funny and entertaining than the “real” accounts based around unironic ideas. Similarly, @cnu_bikes_official and @cnu_benches_official are cut from the same cloth as the aforementioned grass and parking lot accounts. There’s certainly no shortage of funny accounts being made which help keep the Christopher Newport community engaged on social media.

Despite the fact that they almost always go stale after a few months, it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure students do this type of thing at every college, but the sheer amount of silly Instagram accounts made here relative to our size is truly remarkable. It seems every few weeks I’ll have a random follow request from a new CNU account, and I’m always happy to see that notification. 

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