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How are Captains handling the streaming age?

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

With the recent launch of Paramount Plus, it’s amazing to see just how many high-profile streaming services there are nowadays. What began with Netflix has blossomed into seemingly endless options across various platforms. Given that we find ourselves in the midst of COVID-19, it’s no surprise that streaming numbers have continued to rise as people spend more time in their houses and apartments. Christopher Newport students are no different. Due to the virus, CNU has implemented strict procedures to ensure the safety of all Captains by limiting interactions inside the residence halls and requiring contact tracing. While the restrictions have definitely hindered many of our social lives, thankfully streaming services have been a big part of what keeps us busy instead.

If you’re like me, then you love to stream content. (I’m assuming you’re like me.) My friends and I all share multiple accounts to just about every streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Showtime, ESPN Plus, etc). It’s the perfect social distancing activity because we all hop onto “Netflix Party” which syncs up what you’re watching with other people so you can watch together without being in the same room. The app is also compatible with other platforms besides Netflix, despite its namesake. For the past few weeks, my friends and I have been watching Wandavision which recently finished and we absolutely loved it. Even though the pandemic is both tiresome and stressful, I’m thankful for the memories my friends and I have shared as a result of it. I’m sure we never would have tried Netflix Party had it not been for the current global circumstances.

Streaming doesn’t end there though, many students at Christopher Newport are taking online classes via Zoom or Google Meets so whether you’re relaxing or in class, you’ll be streaming. All of my classes and my job are online this semester, so I spend quite a bit of time in front of my laptop. And how do I unwind afterwards? I turn on my phone and start watching Youtube. It’s interesting to consider just how reliant our society has become on streaming, but, to me, it’s clear that it’s the way of the future.

Of course, there’s also a plethora of music streaming platforms and everything else in between. Our parents might complain we stare at the screens too much, but let’s not forget our parents grew up glued to the tv as well. I suppose there’s no question that our generation certainly spends more time enjoying media content, but personally I don’t see anything wrong with it. The content is made to be consumed, so we may as well enjoy it. Some may say it’s all mindless mush, but that’s shortsighted. A great movie can genuinely change your life if watched under the right circumstances and the same goes for a great song, not to mention all the constructive and educational opportunities streaming has paved the way for. We’re hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pandemic, so I’m optimistic we all will be soon taking a long and much-needed break from streaming in the summertime. Until then, let’s do our best to enjoy what we can!

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