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A preview of CNU Men’s and Women’s Golf

~Matthew Morhiser, Sports Editor~

“Putting” all our differences aside, can we all agree that golf very well may be the most relaxing sport in the world. I mean, I don’t want to “wedge” a rift in our relationship, but I think that’s a hill I’m willing to “die-casting” on. Now I know what you’re thinking. When is he going to stop with the corny puns and get to some Christopher Newport University (CNU) Men’s and Women’s Golf action? You may also be thinking what “die-casting” means. Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen. I have the answers to all your questions. Well, at least two of them. The CNU Golf preview “swings” into view right now. And the corny puns end here. Maybe. 

On Monday, Mar. 8, CNU Men’s and Women’s golf begin their seasons with the Savannah Invitational from the beautiful and somewhat spooky city of Savannah, Ga. After teeing up at the two-day event, the men and women will move approximately 93.8 miles south to see their next competition at the Jekyll Island Intercollegiate tournament. Also emanating from Georgia, this tournament will occur 10 days later on Friday, Mar. 19. Unlike the previous event, this contest, from the aptly named Jekyll Island, will span the entire weekend. Jekyll Island’s tournament will wrap up on Sunday, Mar. 21. CNU’s men and women will begin their third tournament, the Golfweek Invitational, 12 days later on Friday, Apr. 2. Like the previous tournament, the Golfweek Invitational will last the entire weekend, however, it will escape the clutches of the “Peach State” to be held from the sunny and gorgeous Howey-in-the-Hills, Fl. What a name, am I right? Imagine being named Howey and living there. You’d never hear the end of it. 

Five days after Golfweek’s conclusion on Apr. 9, CNU’s men and women are scheduled to each partake in the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA) Men’s and Women’s Intercollegiate. The location for the two events have not yet been determined, so there’s not much information to be digested or location-based jocularity to be had. Getting us back on track, the final competition both the men and women are slated to participate in is The Greenbrier Cup from White Sulphur Springs, Wv. The event is scheduled to occur a week after the VSGA Men’s and Women’s Intercollegiate. All these dates are, of course, subject to change given the current state of our community and the world at large. Still, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead as long as recommended safety precautions are instated and subsequently adhered to. We want our Captains to be safe because if last year’s season is any indication, our men and women should be primed and ready to take home some gold in all these invitational, cups and whatever an “intercollegiate” is. 

Much like all the other CNU Sports that have been rolled out slowly towards resuming play this spring, Men’s and Women’s Golf didn’t exactly receive any real form of closure on their efforts for the 2019-20 athletic season. The men competed in five of their planned nine tournaments, and the women didn’t fare much better with only officially appearing in five of their scheduled eight. Admittedly, one could process the cancellation as a loss, and while our Captains will never be able to play those lost tournaments, they can certainly make up for time in the ones directly in front of them. If I know as much about seniors Kevin Quinto and Erica Whitehouse as I think I do, they will certainly turn last season’s negative into “this season’s positive.” When I say negative, I am referring to the cancellation, as 2019-20 will certainly be the building blocks for even more success in 2021. 

At last year’s VSGA Intercollegiate in Blacksburg, Va, CNU Men’s Golf finished first out of 11 competing squads. Then freshman Alex Price finished at even par, so Price came in tied for fifth place. At the same event, Quinto scored +1 over par, which netted him a spot in the tie for eighth place. As a team, CNU finished the two day event +4 over par, and that was good enough to top the leaderboards. 

CNU Women’s Golf also found success in Oct. 2020 when they secured a first place ranking at the Inaugural VSGA Women’s Intercollegiate. The women didn’t have too far to travel, as the association’s first event took place in their own backyard of Newport News at the James River Country Club. The women finished first out of five colleges, and they ended their fall campaign with a win. Granted, the second round was called off due to rain, but the Captains did lead by 26 strokes to the next closest team by the end of round one. Whitehouse solely ranked first amongst the competitors at +1, then junior Katie Thome tied for third with a +4 and then freshman Lauren Sims rounded out the top five in a tie with +7. 

CNU Golf has a lot to look forward to given these performances, and we all can’t wait to cheer them on from the safety of our homes. Out of respect, we will still remain quiet for their swings. By the way, at the beginning of this article I promised I would answer two of your questions. Astute readers may realize I only answered one initially. For those scoring at home, “die-casting” is the “production process in which material (metal) is injected into a pre-formed mold or die,” according to Golf Info Guide. You’re welcome readers, and let’s put that die-casting to good use, Captains!

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