The Signing Tradition Continues

Sophomores will get a chance to have a “Signing Day”

~Josh Grimes, News Editor~

Coming up on Tuesday, March 16th from 11am-2pm, tentatively in case things change, the Sophomore class of 2023 will get a chance to dress in business attire and join in the annual Signing Day tradition. Typically, this beloved tradition is held in the DSU ballroom for the class to declare their majors, meet the faculty from their new “home”, and transition from having a core advisor to a major adviser. 

This time round, it will look different than in the past due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. Firstly, organizers moved the event outdoors on the Great Lawn to de-densify the crowd. Secondly, the three hours of the event will be split in ten minute time slots with five minutes in between, where online sign ups are required. This hasn’t been activated yet. Finally, the typical ‘declaration of major’ form, will be given through a QR code. 

As always there are some things that are the same. One includes the departmental buttons, pens, and the signing of the department binder.  The other include representatives from the Registrar will be on site answering questions. For the ones who won’t be able to attend due to being in quarantine or are remote this semester, they will be included in some kind of online format, which hasn’t been determined yet.  

Note: Everything will be done with sanitization, social distancing, and safety precautions in mind. Also, most of the information came from an email that was sent to sophomores on February 19th from Dr. David Heddle, a Professor of Physics and the Faculty Director for Academic Success. 

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