Super Bowl LV Predictions

Two CNU students tell you exactly who’ll win the big game

~Matthew Morhiser, Sports Editor~

~Steven Baxley, Staff Writer~

Nearly three months ago, we each made predictions on who would be standing on stage accepting the Lombardi Trophy after the National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl LV. Steven forecasted the Seattle Seahawks, a unit led by former Super Bowl champions Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and Head Coach Pete Carroll. I, Matthew, chose the Green Bay Packers, captained by likewise former Super Bowl winners Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby. On Sunday, Feb. 7, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet in the big game. As you can see, Steven nor myself were correct. 

Therefore, neither Steven nor myself are credible. We are hacks, fakers or as you kids say, “sus.” How hard is it to correctly pick which of the 32 teams will win the Super Bowl? The shame in being so ignorant is punishment enough for us, so please don’t feel the need to send any hate mail. The last thing you should do is clog up the mail room any more than it already is. Selecting one of the NFL’s full roster of teams proved to be too difficult for Steven and I, so we decided to make things a bit easier for ourselves. This time, picking the champions of the world is 50/50. One of us is guaranteed to be right, and that is just the kind of odds we need to quelch our parched picking egos. Without further ado, the Super Bowl LV champions will be…  


The Kansas City Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl for the second straight year. While they have

been heavy favorites all season, the difference in the game will come down to

Patrick Mahomes. He’s the best player in the league, and the rightful winner of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for this season. If Mahomes loses the MVP race, then the Super Bowl will be over before the starting kickoff. The Chiefs’ quarterback will be on a mission to show the league the mistake they made in their voting. With this added motivation, Mahomes will blow past his 462 yards and three touchdown game against the Buccaneers in Week 12. With a victory of 27-24, some might argue that Tampa Bay can flip the script. The score was closer than the game actually was. In the first drive of the game, Mahomes and Company couldn’t quite pull off the trick plays that Andy Reid drew up. Travis Kelce, the team’s tight end, missed a touchdown throw to Mahomes. The Chiefs elected to kick a field goal after failing to score on three straight downs from the one yard line. On their third drive, Mahomes was stripped of the ball at the eight yard line. Those lost 11 points won’t be gifted to the Bucs on Sunday. Mahomes has the only two weapons he needs to win in Tyreek Hill, who is second in touchdowns for wide receivers this season, and Kelce, who has the most receiving yards and tied for most touchdowns for all tight ends. In addition, running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire looks ready to play, so he’ll be the ace in the hole for the Chiefs. Mahomes will be limited in his option reads after having the

concussion scare last game and the toe injury he’s still nursing. With extra motivation, a

talented receiving duo in Hill and Kelce and a ready to go Edwards-Helaire, Mahomes is set up for success. Look for him to repeat as NFL Champion and Super Bowl MVP.


Hey everyone, I’m back. Did I miss anything? Oh, I see. Just Steven being wrong as usual. We all know the real winners of the Super Bowl will be the Buccaneers. The Glazer family ownership group, General Manager Jason Licht and Head Coach Bruce Arians can rest easy knowing they have the greatest quarterback of all time under center for debatably the most important game in franchise history. In the three games he’s played in the playoffs, Brady has thrown for 860 yards on 109 attempts. He completed 60 of those throws for an overall completion percentage of just over 55%. In the same three game span, he’s thrown at least two touchdowns per game. What makes these numbers more impressive is when you take into account the defenses the G.O.A.T. competed against. The Washington Football Team, New Orleans Saints and Packers were each ranked in the top 10 of yards allowed per game this past season. Washington ranked second, and the Saints and Packers weren’t too far off in fourth and ninth. Of course, that’s a team statistic. The number is generated between passing and rushing yards, and we decided to hone in on why Brady will beat the Chiefs. If you were to limit yards allowed to only passing, you’d see Washington was still ranked second, New Orleans finished in fifth and Green Bay moved up two spaces to seventh. The stifling Washington defense, who only allowed 191.8 passing yards to opposing quarterbacks on average, was shredded for 381 yards. Brady quite literally threw for twice as many yards Washington generally surrendered. The reason any of this matters is because Kansas City allowed 358.3 yards per game, and opposing quarterbacks averaged 236.2 yards through the air. That was good enough to put them smack dab in the middle for each category. For argument’s sake, suppose Brady repeats his performance from the Wild Card round and doubles the average passing yards his opponent typically concedes. This is completely theoretical, but he would throw for 472 yards. That would put him at the second most yards in Super Bowl history. If all we have to go on is history, that’s definitively in the realm of possibility. By the way, if you’re wondering who threw the most yards in a single Super Bowl, it was Brady in Super Bowl LII with 505. If you’re wondering who, at the moment, threw the second most yards in Super Bowl history, it was Brady with 466 the year prior in Super Bowl LI. In short, don’t bet against Brady. 

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