Throwback Thursday

Old shows to binge over the break

~Emma Dixon, Executive Producer of CNUTV~

With finals coming up in just a few weeks and the holidays right around the corner, everyone will be in need of some shows to help keep them entertained. If you’re like me, you need a show to play in the background that you can pay attention to but won’t distract you.  Whether you are home for the break and have extra time on your hands or you just want a show to play in the background while you’re finishing up the final projects of the semester, here are some old shows you can binge over the next few months. 

  1. The Fosters – Hulu

One of my personal favorites, The Fosters is a family drama that follows an untraditional family as they navigate life. With two moms at the forefront with several foster children, the show aurounds the lives of the multi-ethnic, blended family. Known for its LGBT representation and tackling the foster care system, this is a lighthearted show that will always make you smile through the drama that unfolds. 

  1. How to Get Away With Murder – Netflix

Another captifying show, this show surrounds a group of law students and their prominent professor of criminal defense law. The professor selects a few of the best and brightest students to serve as her interns and assist with cases. But as the season progresses, a mystery unfolds that reveals everyone’s dark side. What is most unique about this show is that it alternates between present day and the past to unveil a horrible tragedy. 

  1. Euphoria – HBO Max

One of the hottest shows of the summer when it was released in 2019, Euphoria follows the life of a 17-year-old troubled teenager, Rue, who struggles with drug addiction. Starring Zendaya, the show depicts Rue fresh out of rehab as she attempts to stay clean. Touching on issues of drug abuse, sexual assault, and toxic masculinity, this eight episode season has lots of ups and downs that make you fall in love with and gain sympathy for Rue. 

  1. Criminal Minds – Netflix

One of the longest running crime shows in history, you can never go wrong with Criminal Minds. With a mindblowing 15 seasons, this crime mystery show follows the BAU (behavioral Analysis Unit) of the FBI as they solve different crimes each episode. With characters you can’t help but fall in love with, like the smart and witty Dr. Spencer Reid, this is always a good choice. What is beneficial about this show is that you do not necessarily have to watch the show in order because each episode is dependent on each other. So you can choose an episode or two without having to commit to a whole season, although there are some good overarching plots over several seasons. 

  1. Young & Hungry – Netflix

I will admit it. I unapologetically love this show. A cheesy, over-the-top corny comedy follows the life ofGabi, who is a young chef and food blogger looking for a job. She ends up landing a job as a personal chef for a young, wealthy tech entrepreneur named Josh. The show follows Gabi as well as two other employees who work for Josh through crazy antics. As the show progresses, you see how Gabi progresses both inside and outside of the kitchen throughout 5 comedy-packed seasons. Starring Emiyl Osment from Hannah Montana and directed by Ashley Tisdale, this show is guaranteed to give you a laugh. 

The next time you need a show on in the background while you’re finishing final exams or if you just need an escape from the stress of the holiday season, try one of these shows on one of the three major streaming platforms. They will keep you entertained on the edge of your seat and will make you laugh, cry, or jump. I guarantee it.  

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