How to spruce up your shower routine

Create a soothing, warm escape as winter approaches

~Anna Dorl, Editor-in-Chief~

As the days get colder and shorter, we’re all spending more and more time inside. Sometimes, we may find ourselves stepping into our showers more often just to stay warm, but your shower doesn’t have to be the same routine every time. Here are a couple of tips to create a soothing, warm escape this winter.

Create some mood lighting

Sometimes overhead fluorescent lights are just too harsh for the chill atmosphere you’re trying to create in your shower. This is especially true if you’re someone who showers in the early morning. A night light is a good idea as long as it’s on the brighter side. Affordable and discrete, you can choose from a variety of styles and plug it into the outlet in your bathroom. You can even take the shade off to amplify its brightness. Choose from a variety of styles to find whatever fits your vibe, or light a couple of candles instead (if you live off campus, that is).

Invest in some new products

For some people, using the same products for months on end create a sense of routine and comfort. Others just get bored smelling the same scents. You can keep your trusted shampoo and conditioner, of course, but maybe what will spruce up your shower is trying a new body wash scent from the same brand that you like, or a new brand entirely. The next time you go to the store to get some body care products, remember to explore a little bit, and your next new favorite scent might be just around the corner.

Exfoliate your body

Especially in the fall and winter months, your skin can get extra dry and flaky — I know mine does. Slough it all off by exfoliating your body. You can do this in a couple of different ways: body scrubs and loofahs, or a combination of both, which I find to be most effective. Soon you’ll have softer skin that won’t crack and bleed in the cold.

Try some essential oils

Here’s a cheap way to make your shower feel like a spa — put a couple drops of the essential oil of your choice on your shower floor and start the water. The combination of the scent and the steam is extremely relaxing. Essential oils can be expensive, but there are definitely some stores you can go to where they are much more affordable (broke college student tip: try Five Below). Besides the fact that they smell great, they have lots of different positive effects on the body and mind. Try lavender to wind down before bed or peppermint to wake you up before your 8 a.m. class.

Remember to hydrate

Please please please, remember to put lotion on after you shower! If you scrub off all your dead skin when you exfoliate and you don’t hydrate it again afterwards, the hot water from your shower will completely dry out your skin, leaving it feeling tight. Lather up with your favorite lotion, and put on some socks to seal in the moisture and make your heels super soft.

So, there you have it: a list of simple tips to help you turn your everyday shower into a sensational sensory experience. Try one or two of them the next time you need to rinse off, and wash away all the stress of the day. Your body and soul will thank you for it!

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