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Two CNU students debate who will win Super Bowl LV

~Matthew Morhiser, Sports Editor~

~Steven Baxley, Staff Writer~

We are only a mere three months away from the National Football League’s (NFL) pinnacle of pigskin performance, Super Bowl LV. On Feb. 7, 2021, Tampa, FL’s Raymond James Stadium will be more quiet than normal, on account of there being limited fans in attendance, as the yearly global phenomenon kicks-off. As always, we will see the National Football Conference (NFC) champion square-off against the likewise formidable American Football Conference (AFC) champion in a modern day gladiator duel to see which group of adults played a game the best. 

The regular season is far from over, but that will never stop us two foaming-at-the-mouth forecasters from picking who will obviously win American football’s greatest prize on a basis of arbitrary factors. Maybe our picks will be based on a team’s quarterback play. Super Bowl champions always have legendary quarterbacks, right? Just look at Super Bowl XXXV in 2000 when the Baltimore Ravens won the championship with the great Trent Dilfer at the helm…oh, wait. 

Or maybe we’ll pay special attention to how well a team played against their division rivals. When you look at all seven of the NFL’s divisions, you’ve got some heavy hitters standing at the top of each. Yup. All seven of the divisions. There’s certainly not a collection of four eastern-based teams in the NFC. They should probably get on making one of those. 

But enough jibber-jabber. Are you ready for some football? An online football article party? It is time to make some predictions, so without further ado, the winner of Super Bowl LV will be….


The Seattle Seahawks, for sure. With a stellar record, as usual, through the first 10 weeks of the season, they look primed to win the Super Bowl. The Seahawks have made this great run due to their top-tier quarterback, Russell Wilson. Currently one of the front runners in the NFL’s Most Valuable Player race, Wilson has his team at the top despite playing in the league’s most competitive division. With Wilson throwing three touchdowns in his opening game this season, then proceeding to throw for four touchdowns in both his second and third game, it’s no wonder the Seahawks are leading the pack. One of their three losses came in overtime against the Arizona Cardinals in a tightly contested battle of stellar defenses that eventually fell Arizona’s way. Seattle, however, will have an opportunity for a rematch this Sunday at home. Their other two losses came against another NFL juggernaut offense in the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams this past week. 

The rest of Seattle’s schedule includes terrible teams like the New York Jets, New York Giants, and Washington Football Team. That will only serve to pad the Seahawks’ record. This means the Seahawks are on track to end the season with a final record of 13-3. You’re really going to challenge a future 13-3 team, Matthew? With the easier half of the regular season before them, Seattle’s real test will come in the playoffs. While the Seahawks have the most points scored in the NFC, the Kansas City Chiefs have scored slightly more points across all their games. However, there’s still some football left to be played, so that may change by the end of the season. Wilson has the tools and the arm to get it done for the Seahawks. 


Ok, Steven, you got me. I guess we can end the article here since you’re right, and there’s no point in us going on. 

Wait! I just thought of something. What if you’re wrong, and I am most certainly correct in saying the Green Bay Packers will win Super Bowl LV. 

How can you pick against Green Bay? I will gladly picnic on this hill alone, but they have a top five player in the league for each of the three base skill positions: quarterback, running back and wide receiver. 

At quarterback, there’s future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. He’s led his team to a near perfect record, and they’ve averaged over 30 points-per-game along the way. While you, the reader, Steven and Steven’s Seahawks, may scoff at such a number, you have to remember who is in Rodgers’ available arsenal of pass catchers. Aaron Jones is a top five running back who can catch the ball out of the backfield, and Devante Adams is a top five receiver too, but who else dons the yellow and green? Allen Lazard? Darrius Shepherd? Did I just list two Packers players or a breed of reptile and a sheepman? 

The point is, Rodgers has Jones and Adams, and that’s about it. However, they just keep winning. That tells me those three guys, plus a generally above-average offensive line, is enough to win a football game. They have some tough matchups ahead, but they also have some easy ones. They should take care of business against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers. They still have both games against the division rival Chicago Bears left, but please don’t tell me you think Nick Foles can beat the Packers. Maybe if he gets subbed in halfway through, but there’s no way he can do it as the starter. Call your bookie and make your bets now because the real “A-Rod” is Super Bowl bound. 

Well, there you have it folks. We both made our pitches. Sadly, only one of us can be right. Alternatively, we can both be wrong, and more than likely, this second option is probably the case. However, that will never stop the powerful duo of Steven and Matthew from proclaiming our lukewarm sports takes to the world. So what if the Seahawks or the Packers don’t win the Super Bowl? We’ll both be back the week after to make our prediction on who will win the next Australian Cockroach racing championship, and we’ll also be adamantly denying we ever said those horrible teams would ever win another Super Bowl. Obviously, we both said the Jets were gonna win from the start. 

All statistics and information compiled from: https://www.pro-football-reference.com

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