Who’s on the 2020 Election Ballot?

A Decision 2020 update on who we’re voting for in the election. 

~Josh Grimes, News Editor~

With Election Day being less than 30 days away, it’s time for us to go through who and what is on the ballot. There have been two debates in this portion so far on the national level, a Presidential and a Vice-Presidential debate, one feisty and the other more civil. There also have been other debates that were more on a local level that occurred. The Mayoral debate in Richmond, Va., our commonwealth’s capital, and the Senatorial debate near our neck of the woods at Norfolk State University. 

In this election, people-wise, we’re voting for the next president and vice president; either to re-elect or elect a senator for the commonwealth; and either to re-elect or elect a house representative in the local district. 

Running for President are:

Running for Vice President are:

  • Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee; 
  • Mike Pence, the Republican Nominee; 
  • and Jeremy Cohen, the Libertarian nominee. 

Those running for the United States Senate are Mark Warner, a Democrat, and Daniel Gade, a Republican.

Last on the list are those who are running for a House of Representatives seat. Since Christopher Newport University is in the third congressional district, part of Newport News, according to Ballotpedia, the candidates students who are not voting absentee include Robert “Bobby” Scott, the Democratic incumbent, and John Colleck, the Republican nominee. 

Other than the people on the ballot, in the commonwealth there are also two constitutional amendments. One on redistricting and the other relating to taxation. For more information on the amendments, visit https://www.elections.virginia.gov/proposed-constitutional-amendment-2020/

Now since we now know who and what’s on the ballot, go out and vote. 

As stated from a Decision 2020 update from when early voting began in the Commonwealth and from the Governor’s Press Release, here is a look at the ways Virginians can vote: 

  • The deadline to request a ballot by mail is Friday, Oct. 23 at 5 p.m. If anyone needs to request one, it can be done online at elections.virginia.gov. Anyone who votes absentee must include a return envelope with prepaid postage and the postmark has to be Nov. 3 or earlier. All ballots are due Nov. 6 at noon.  To track the ballot, go to elections.virginia.gov/casting-a-ballot/absentee-voting.
  • If a voter prefers not to send it back by mail, it can be hand delivered to the local registrar’s office or returned to a secure drop-off location, which includes any satellite voting location. The list of drop-off locations can be found on the county or city’s official website. If a voter decides to wait until election day to hand deliver the ballot, they can drop off the completed absentee ballot at any polling place in the county or city in which the voter is registered.
  • Voters can simply go to their local general registrar’s office or a satellite voting location identified by the registrar’s office and cast their vote. The option will only be available until Halloween, which is one of the longest early voting periods of any state.
  • The last option to vote is on Nov. 3, the traditional style at the polls from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Election Day is a State Holiday and Christopher Newport has canceled all classes that day. If a voter is in line before 7 p.m., they will be able to still vote after the voting center shut its doors. In the press release it states that Virginia has allocated federal CARES Act funding to ensure that all election officers have personal protective equipment, and Virginia Medical Reserve Corps volunteers will assist at polling places to ensure social distancing and sanitization measures are followed.

The next presidential debate that was scheduled for Oct 15. in Miami as a town hall style debate was canceled due to Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalization in early Oct. The final debate is still scheduled for Oct. 22 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. The moderator will be Kristin Welker, the NBC News Weekend Today co-anchor and White House Correspondent.

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