Sly Clyde’s Review

They have cider, lots of it

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

If you like cider, then you’ll love Sly Clyde Ciderworks. It’s been one of my favorite places for my friends and I to go for awhile now because the drinks are great and the atmosphere is very friendly and inviting. There’s plenty of seating inside, but there’s also a front porch with seating, as well as a large grassy area outside with picnic tables set up. You’ll always be welcomed inside and you’re likely to run into some of your Christopher Newport peers already there on any given weekend.

There’s been a few occasions where I’ve heard people say on their way to Sly Clyde’s for the first time that they’re “not a big cider person.” Honestly, I felt the same way before I tried Sly Clyde’s and I still wouldn’t classify myself as a “cider person.” Despite this, I do love Sly Clyde’s and, honestly, so does everyone else who tries it out. For $5.50, you can get an apple Submersive which is one of their signature drinks that everyone goes for. It’s also the cheapest on the menu, but don’t let that worry you because the rest of the drinks are only a dollar or so more. My personal favorite is either the Inkjet or the Habanero Rosemary. The latter of which is exactly what it sounds like whereas the Inkjet is sweet blackberry cider, completely different, but equally good. There’s plenty more on the menu too, and trust me, it’s hard to go wrong. Outside on the grass, there’s food trucks Thursday through Sunday, but they also can appear randomly during the week. The food trucks offer great variety and lots of quality food. In terms of entertainment, live music is common at Sly Clyde’s and when a pandemic isn’t going on, you can expect trivia and game nights.

As a result of Sly Clyde’s seating and their expansive outside area, social distancing isn’t a problem. It’s easy to grab a picnic table outside with your friends and maintain six feet of distance between another group. When the sun starts to set, the string lights outside make for a picturesque scene and with the beach nearby, Sly Clyde’s is the perfect place to start or end a day with friends. Sly Clyde’s also offers their ciders to-go, so you’re free to bring a pack of them home if you’d rather avoid public places all together right now.

If you haven’t been to Sly Clyde’s yet, I highly recommend you check it out. After all, if you like buying cider, you might as well go to the best place for it. It’s located at 207 E Mellen St, Hampton, VA which is about a 20-30 minute drive from Christopher Newport’s campus. Admittedly, it may be tempting to simply head to Food Lion and spend $20 on another thirty rack of Busch, but why do that when you can support local, small businesses instead? Invite a few friends and enjoy the day at Sly Clyde’s!

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