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Among Us Game Review

~Peri Costic, Staff Writer~

By now, even non-gamers have heard of Among Us, the smash-hit online multiplayer game from Inner Sloth Studios. The premise of the game is simple enough- a group of players, called Crewmates, must complete tasks to repair a ship. The catch? There is one (or multiple) Imposter(s), picked at random, whose goal is to kill the crewmates and sabotage the ship. The Imposter wins by killing all the Crewmates, while the Crewmates win by either completing all their tasks or voting the imposter out. If a Crewmate finds a dead body, they can report it, which triggers a meeting of all players. The players then discuss who they think the imposter is and can vote for who they think. The game (which was originally released in 2018) gained popularity in mid-2020 after several notable Twitch and Youtube streamers, like Sodapoppin, Ninja and Pewdiepie, began to play.

Although it may seem somewhat basic, this simple premise allows for endless possibilities. There are three different maps, each of which have independent layouts, tasks, and tracking systems such as cameras or a “doorlog” (a security feature that logs any player’s whereabouts) to aid the crewmates in discovering the imposter. Players can also change settings such as walking speed, vision, and the number of tasks in order to further customize the game. 

While many people think that being an Imposter is more fun, considering you get a chance to sabotage the mission to their own gratification, being a Crewmate still offers plenty of excitement. Crewmates have various tasks to complete, but beyond that they have the job of discovering who the Impostor is- which can sometimes be tricky when no one has definitive proof. As an Impostor, there’s nothing quite as funny as falsely accusing someone with no more proof than “red sus” and watching your fellow Crewmates immediately vote the unlucky player out. 

The game has spawned a huge amount of fan-generated content online, from fanart to fanfiction to even cosplays of the characters (which is especially impressive since the characters are nothing more than colored blobs with legs). The developers even announced that they were working on a sequel, but cancelled it in favor of refining the current game. Planned upgrades include a friends system, server upgrades, and more customization options. 

So whether you enjoy choosing a cute flower hat for your character or sneaking around killing Crewmates, Among Us has something for everyone!

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