Beervana Taphouse Review

Where the beer is cheap and the vibes are transcendental

~Ashley McMillan, A&E Editor~

When you turn the exciting age of 21 in college, you’re immediately compelled to places where cheap alcoholic products are. Personally, my spending budget is really limited while I’m at school, which is frustrating. There’s so much available to you at the age of 21, and it’s difficult to not want to relax with friends here and there. Unfortunately, with social distancing in mind, there are multiple places that don’t have a safe and considerate environment. However, when it comes to Beervana Taphouse, they provide a healthy and enthusiastic atmosphere for just about anyone. 

The local brewery is located at the edge of Hidenwood Shopping Center, with two handicapped spots marked up front. They have made use of the small grass plot beside the parking spots for plenty of outdoor seating and a tent, with more outdoor seating next to the door. They even set up a stereo that radiates non-stop fun tunes to soundtrack the night. When you walk in, customers flow towards the left where the front counter is located. There, the staff explains the process of how to pour beer properly and use your provided swipe card, another aspect that sets them apart from other areas breweries. Each time I have come to this brewery, they never forget to tell the customer the safety precautions set in place. Additionally, staff members and customers that pour and order wear their mask. Before you pour, you use hand sanitizer. The line to pour is strictly a one-way, leaving those who go through safely able to get their drink at ease and without hurry. For each drink, the cups are single-use to limit the spread of germs. Even if you want a second pour of the same drink, you still need to recycle that cup and get a new one. 

Not only is Beervana Taphouse setting up the standard for local breweries, they also provide an innovative, quick process for visitors to get their drink. The card given at the beginning of your visit is inserted into a strip reader, which is already connected to your credit card. Each beer has a particular amount set in place to establish how much you are paying in concern with how much you are pouring. This place is truly a great start for newly-turned 21 year olds. Here, you are able to pour as much or as little as you want, giving you the ability to try all sorts of flavors and types of beer. Personally, I am more interested in wine, so when I came here every sort of drink was a new journey for me. The journey was not only safe, but cost effective too.

Now, let’s get onto what has been part of this brewery from the very beginning: interesting rotating taps, appetizing food and lively events. There are over 42 rotating taps, and plenty of food options to choose from. My personal favorites are the sliders and the salted pretzel with beer cheese. Not only are there plenty of drinks and food options to try, there are also events to keep you busy and excited. Every Tuesday there is “Taproom Tuesday Trivia,” which I hear is a big hit. Not only is there trivia, but the brewery also engages with the community by hosting different vendors called “Tap Takeover.” On Oct. 14 5 to 8 PM, Beervana is partnering with Caiseal Beer and Spirits. Here, they will bring six of their brews, along with their beer expert, to their very grounds. This information can be found on their Facebook page, where they are always updating. 

If you’re 21 or over and haven’t walked into Beervana Taphouse, this place is a must-go before you leave Newport News.

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