Looking Back, and Then Forward

Duncan Hoag

It’s hard to fathom that my time with The Captain’s Log has ended. It was the first involvement I ever had on this campus, and so I feel uprooted by leaving it behind. The newspaper has evolved since I started writing for it, but the commitment to providing an informed campus has remained the same. That, along with the people with whom I worked, was what I enjoyed the most while I was there; there really is a certain camaraderie that builds up between people working on a newspaper, and it is unique in every way. I felt at home every time I walked into the weekly budget meeting. There were struggles, as there are with any cooperative work, but there was also a will to overcome those struggles. Playing any role in that experience engenders a profound respect for those around you. 

The experience was also fulfilling on an individual level. Reporting makes you realize you have a voice and it teaches you to use that voice. Failures don’t keep you down for long; others are relying on you. Besides, you get so invested that you feel as if giving up on the newspaper will mean giving up on yourself. When I consider exactly what drove me to write for the newspaper for so long, this reasoning comes to the forefront. It motivated me far more than a salary in a post-graduation job ever will. 

I’m struck by just how much fun I had. More than two years on the staff never hampered by enjoyment. Writing each new article was like looking for a bit of buried treasure; the final product is never in sight when you start, but the ups and downs of the ensuing journey makes its appearance all the more worthwhile. 

So here, at the destination of my college career, I choose to focus on that journey — all the moments, easy and challenging, that led me to the end of this particular road. Some of these are recurring moments I suspect are familiar to some others: working late to meet a deadline, scheduling interviews and everything else that goes into the journalism process. The totality of these moments will forever convince me of their worth, both now and in the future. 


~Duncan Hoag, Staff Writer~

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