Letter from the Editor

March 19, 2020

Hello my fellow Captains!

I hope each of you is in a safe location and making the best of what is a very difficult time for all of us. As I am sure you can imagine, The Captain’s Log will not be printing during our absence from campus. While this is by no means the way I want our year (and my time with The Captain’s Log) to end, maintaining the health and safety of all of our hardworking editors, staff writers, photographers and videographers is always my top priority. 

The Captain’s Log being away from campus does not mean we are not still working hard to represent all of your voices on campus, however. We will continue to publish articles online and through our social media as we are able to, but we also recognize that the amount of content that we will be able to produce for the rest of the semester will be less than we would in a normal week. We are currently investigating whether or not virtual meetings will be productive and will be figuring out ways to continue interacting with all of you as much as we can. 

On a happier note, if you are still interested in writing or taking photos for us this semester, please don’t be a stranger! While our editors will not be able to meet with you in person, we still plan on working with you all on the stories that you want to pursue and will continue to provide you with opportunities as we find them. Speaking of opportunities, be on the lookout for applications for a leadership role for The Captain’s Log in the near future, as we work to decide what the staff for next year will look like. We will provide more information about that through our social media and through email as it becomes appropriate. 

With that being said, I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these weeks ahead of us. Although these are unprecedented events for us, as Captains I know we will be able to overcome them together and become even stronger afterwards. Thank you for your continued support of The Captain’s Log, and you will continue to hear from us in the coming weeks, COVID-19 or not!


Matthew Scherger


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