Virginia spring break destinations

Not traveling for Spring Break? Here’s some local options to keep you busy

Spring Break is almost upon us, but not all of us can afford to travel the world or spend the week at Disney World. That doesn’t mean Spring Break has to be lame and uneventful, however, as there are plenty of events and day trips within a few hours of CNU. Here are six potential places to check out during your Spring Break; I guarantee there is at least one for you to explore.

Colonial Williamsburg

It’s near and dear to all of our hearts (and CNU), but if you haven’t spent a day or two exploring Colonial Williamsburg, you’re missing out. In addition to a variety of historical re-enactments and interactive activities, there is a wide range of shopping and fine dining options as well. They will also have special programming for Black History Month, including a guided gallery tour dedicated to the accomplishments of African Americans and the art they created. 

Grandview Nature Preserve 

A local beach and wildlife preserve in Hampton, this is a great way to way a beach day without the crowds of Virginia Beach or the costs of traveling down to the Outer Banks. Although parking can be a hassle, the seclusion is worth it. Swimming in the water should be done with caution, but the walk and wildlife is highly praised. Bringing bug spray is highly recommended, as the flies and mosquitoes can be quite aggressive. 

Westmoreland State Park 

For those who want a little beach, but not as much as Grandview Nature Preserve, Westmoreland State Park might be the answer. 1,321 acres of wildlife, this park is perfect for casual campers and seasoned outdoor people. The park extends over a mile and half along the Potomac River with great views and a serene beach. Although this park is popular, there are options to avoid other people too. Cabins and boats are available to rent, and it is an especially rewarding park for bird enthusiasts. Ospreys and herons frequent the area, as well as occasional American bald eagles. Without cell service and limited Wifi, Westmoreland offers a wonderful chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Chrysler Museum of Art

For those interested in exploring the art world a bit, there are few museums better than the Chrysler in the area. With exhibitions from the Middle Ages to the present day and featuring over 30,000 objects, there is definitely a little something for everyone. They are known for having one of the largest and most comprehensive glass art collections in the world, so if nothing else, seeing that exhibit alone is worth the day trip. Parking and admission are always free, which is great for students on a budget. 

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Held from Feb. 27 – March 1 in the Hampton Roads Convention Center, the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival celebrates everything quilting. In their 31st year, the Festival will have all types of quilts from traditional styles to more modern design. Between workshops, lectures and exhibitions there are enough things to keep yourself busy for multiple days. Prior registration is required, but luckily there are options to attend specific activities or the entire festival. 

Circuit Social

This one is primarily for the 21+ crowd, but there is fun for all ages here. If you miss the nostalgia of spending quarters on Guitar Hero and Skee Ball, Circuit Social is a great place to spend an evening. Beer, ciders and wine are both pay-by-the-ounce and self-serve, which means you can drink as much or as little as you like and can try a bunch of different types as well. Although this barcade does not give you tickets to cash in for prizes, the satisfaction of playing pinball with a drink in hand more than makes up for it.

~Matthew Scherger, Editor-in-Chief~

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