Review: Lucky Cup Coffee

“Changing the world, one coffee cup at-a-time”

Nestled in the DW Shopping Center on Denbigh Boulevard is Lucky Cup, a cafe and coffee shop combo. Newport News has seen a lot of these establishments crop up in the past year, so I was excited to see how this particular one stacked up to all of the others I’ve tried recently. Lucky Cup was extremely difficult to find at first, but I blame Apple Maps for steering me wrong. (For those of you reading this who end up going, it’s inside the actual shopping center near Surge Adventure Park and not closer to the main road like Apple Maps says.)

Immediately upon entering Lucky Cup, I noticed that the cafe space stretches into wide L-shape with bar-style seating along the rear wall next to the ordering counter and smaller rectangular tables across from it. The ordering counter is long, rounded and dark brown with a glass case of fresh baked goods such as flaky croissants and toasted bagels perched on top of it. An upright cooler sits opposite of the counter full of sparkling water and other drinks for those who aren’t interested in coffee or baked goods. The cafe capitalizes on its Irish theme with a myriad of green decorations, a colorful mural wall and shamrock motifs scattered around the establishment. It’s safe to say that Lucky Cup will most likely be busy on St. Patrick’s Day when customers might be looking for a more atmospheric experience. 

One of the specialty drinks available at Lucky Cup sounds somewhat counterintuitive at first: CBD-infused coffee. The menu advertises it as something interesting and new to try if you’re looking to switch up what’s in your daily cup of joe. It is made from High Tide CBD and Weird Beard Coffee, and Lucky Cup sells it be the cup as well as coffee beans by the bag if you’re interested in taking it home to hoard and hide it from your roommates. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it on the menu until after I ordered, but I can definitely say I will return to Lucky Cup to try it out. I ordered an iced vanilla latte instead, a favorite of mine, and I can surely say that Lucky Cup coffee tastes tried and true, similar to Starbucks.

One unique factor of Lucky Cup that sets it apart from other coffee shops and cafes in the area is the company’s constant and inherent dedication to charity. Recently, they have partnered with The Virginia Hispanic Foundation and Virginia Union University to offer them support and raise money for those in need of scholarships or grants. True to its name and its Irish theme, Lucky Cup spreads its wealth around and doesn’t hide it all in a pot under the rainbow. 

According to their website, the company plans on expanding to various other areas of Virginia, sharing its good vibes wherever possible.

Their colorful mural painted on one of their walls depicts a coffee cup with the Lucky Cup Logo on it pouring out a rainbow. Next to it, another logo that resembles a medallion with a cup of coffee in the middle reads, “changing the world, one coffee cup at-a-time.” That’s exactly what Lucky Cup is doing.

While Lucky Cup is unlike all of the other coffee shops in the area, it does offer unique drink choices and a promising environment that feels warm and inviting. Its casual cafe environment offers a place for shopping center patrons to get a treat in between their errands.

As more people learn of Lucky Cup’s existence, I hope it continues to develop and gain more support as it grows in the Newport News community.

You’ll definitely be lucky to step foot inside, try their delicious coffee and food and help them achieve their mission of spreading the love to those around them.

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

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