It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a skydiving Captain

Skydiver excites students with CNU Day promotion

Students, faculty and members of the community were treated to a unique event the morning of Feb.15. Around 11 a.m. with eyes turned to the sky, spectators surrounding the Great Lawn eagerly awaited the performance of a professional skydiver, descending from the bright blue sky wearing a Captains football jersey. 

Moments before his jump, the hum of the airplane sounded as a sort of countdown to the stunt, getting louder and louder until the plane was in sight. 

After leaving the aircraft, the diver’s bright orange suit gave an easy point of reference against the clear blue skies for onlookers to spot. 

With a “CNU” flag flying in the wind behind him, a section of the Pep Band, about 50 strong, announced his arrival as he made his approach. 

Staying on track proved to be no problem for the professional as he made in-flight adjustments, producing cheers and gasps from attendees thousands of feet below. 

As he descended lower, spectators pulled out their phones and cameras to grab photographs and videos of the stunt. After a sharp cut, the skydiver came skimming over the grass as he slowed down and skidded to a halt, right over the time capsule, to the applause and cheers of everyone in attendance with the Pep Band still playing proudly. 

Photographers, Captain Chris and other bystanders swarmed around him to grab pictures and congratulate him on the thrilling jump.

The event was a part of a promotional package that will be released for CNU Day celebrations which is taking place March 11. 

Throughout the event, a donut bar with toppings was also available for the people in attendance to have a snack.

~Austin Urch, Staff Writer~

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