Department of Philosophy and Religion hosts new major luncheon

Sophomores enjoy food and networking after signing to their new department

Earlier this month, sophomores gathered in the DSU and signed away to their majors. 

After this momentous occasion, one department decided to come together and celebrate their new crop of students. The Department of Philosophy and Religion held a luncheon on Thursday, Feb. 13 in the Washington Room of the DSU for the first time. 

This luncheon was not just some pizza and light discussion with the professors that the students would have seen before or will have in the next few years. 

Instead they served tenderly cooked chicken marsala, steamed vegetables, au gratin potatoes and even a vegan option. After these delicious gourmet entrees, cheesecake, apple pie and chocolate caramel pie were served to satisfy any and all cravings for sweets. 

At each table a wide range of people who were affiliated with Philosophy and Religion sat together. Recent graduates of the department, former Deans of the department and veteran professors who still currently teach at Christopher Newport University were all in attendance and facilitated discussions that made the new department signees feel right at home. 

Having an array of individuals who have some affiliation with the major randomly placed at all six tables allowed the new students to discuss the next steps in their career, connect with professors and gain insight into the state of mind from the recent graduates. 

One of the first things everyone did was stand up and describe who they were and how they were associated with the Department of Philosophy and Religion. 

While many have followed in the religion path of their careers, others have dwelled in the path of economics, pre-law and business. 

In fact, the Department of Philosophy and Religion has recently announced that they have cooperated with the University of Glasgow and has plans in place for Philosophy and Religion students to study abroad in the very near future. 

By having time to talk with most people in the room, the new sophomores were able to explore all of the many options that the Philosophy and Religion department offers and even get a head start on networking for their future careers. 

Like many CNU graduates, the ones from the Philosophy and Religion department love the line of work that they are currently in and do not regret signing all those years ago. Christopher Newport Alum, Patrick Seger said, “During my time here, I was blown away by the insane professors in this division and how they were so deeply invested in the field that they teach.”

At its heart, the luncheon was held to foster connections and relationships between faculty and students, and it was easy to see the love and connection the faculty had with one another. 

The former chair of the department, Debra Campbell, the Dean, Laurie Underwood, and a professor, George Tescher all cracked jokes throughout the luncheon. 

There was clearly a strong relationship between the professors, former deans and recently-graduated Captains. Many professors have stayed in contact with their students post-graduation. One professor, George Tescher, even described how he was invited and showed up to a former student’s wedding. 

According to the Secretary of the department, Tara Dixon, “This luncheon is the provide students with a more grown-up perspective of their claimed major. Prior to this, we used to have pizza parties, but for our third year doing this we decided to be more formal. It’s a way to celebrate the students for what they have done so far and what they will do in the near future.” 

Although this is the first year the Department of Philosophy and Religion has held a formal luncheon for new signees, this could be another tradition for future students to look forward to after Signing Day.

~Elijah Williams, Staff Writer~

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