The perfect get-out-of-bed playlist

Having a difficult time waking up for your 8 a.m.? Stream this playlist to make it easier

New year, new music. Considering it’s the beginning of a new semester and year, I figured a playlist that consisted of quirky tunes would be essential to start off. Personally, over the winter break, I broke free from my typical indie rock obsession and discovered new themes of music. 

The first song I found, “No Sleep (feat. Bonn)” by Martin Garrix, has eccentric and electric tunes that make me feel like getting out of bed immediately, which is a feeling we all need for school. The song creates an atmosphere of a fun-loving attitude, which resonates how most people feel during the first few weeks. Considering everyone is back on campus, the moment you’re back with your friends is exciting and unbalanced. 

As a similar-feeling song, I chose “Go with the Flow” by Lika Morgan. The song resonates how thrilling a new romance in college could be with a beautiful base. The lyrics “How we fly, Every day is like the weekend, Hot like fire, Don’t wanna wake up from this state of dreaming…” widely showcases the swifting romance it explores. 

You may know this legend, but with no surprise I chose Harry Styles’ “Treat People With Kindness.” The song resonates 70s hippie culture, when the symbolic nature of peace and love was on trend. Considering the 70s decade is very different from our time, I still resonated with this song because of our arrival into a new decade. The positive discussion within the song should be a theme song for everyone’s new year’s resolutions.

On a more realistic, emotional note, I miss my parents even though I just arrived to campus a week ago. I decided to pick a song more my speed, but from a small artist: “Twenty Two and Some Change” by Stephen Day. He centers the chorus around his emotional thought and how at his age, it’s become difficult to explain or talk about one’s feelings. The lyrics he sings describe how difficult it is to tell your parents you miss them, how upsetting it is to let go of past and potential memories, and the feeling you’re behind in a workforce-centered world. Almost every student, I believe, would connect with the down-to-earth lyrics Day expresses.

1. No Sleep (feat. Bonn) by Martin Garrix, Bonn

2. Go with the Flow by Lika Morgan

3. Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles

4. Twenty Two and Some Change by Stephen Day

~Ashley McMillan, A&E Editor~

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