Don’t bring me down

I’ll tell you once more before I get off the floor

A’hoy Captains. Welcome to spring semester 2020, a time of success and hardship for all, but together we can get through it. Making sure the world doesn’t get you down is quite tricky at times, but I have a secret that I am willing to share with my classmates.

Being a person who tends to look on the positive, I struggle during the beginning of the spring semester. It’s cold and windy, classes are hard, and I just want to go back home for some more winter break rest.

The January and February portions of the year are always difficult for me and I often find myself dragging my feet quite a bit. What I tend to forget is all the good stuff that helps lift me up when I get dragged down by the weather and classes.

Being a senior means I have now gone through this three times in the past, and I’ve got a three step system to help beat the sadness of the season.

First, you MUST find some banging tunes to listen to with your friends. Music brings us all together and can change the mood in any situation. I recommend something positive and uplifting, and if you look at the title you’ll find a great starting place for some older jams.

Next, I would advise staying active during the cold. Whether that means going running, hitting the gym or something simple like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, keeping the blood pumping will make you feel better.

Last, try and rest up, but don’t overdo it. Sleeping in is really easy to do when it’s cold outside, but don’t stay in bed until noon every day. Having a routine of going to bed a bit earlier and getting up consistently with plenty of time for class will feel much better than sleeping in everyday.

Eat right if you can. It is really easy to forget that eating healthy will make you feel better, and during the cold winter months feeling good is a huge plus.

Watch the new season of “Brooklyn 99” for some good laughs. This one may seem like it only applies to this year, but really you can replace “Brooklyn 99” with any other good show that has a spring release.

Get ahead on studying while you can. The saving grace of this time of year is classes haven’t gotten crazy yet. That means it is the perfect time to study so the semester doesn’t get away from you.

All these tips should at least help you keep your spirits up during the beginning of the new semester, so don’t let the time of the year get you down.

~Michael Inncelli, Sporta Editor & Managing CNUTV Editor~

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