Calling all #GreenCaptains!

Writers of all backgrounds are needed for the Green Captain column

This semester, the Green Captain column will turn one year old, and I couldn’t be more proud of the feedback I have gotten from my fellow Captains since its inception in January of 2019. Developing and writing for this column has been an incredible experience for me, and I am so excited to continue being a staff writer for The Captain’s Log on all things environment for the next year as well. However, I believe this column, the #GreenCaptain, has the potential to become a community of passionate Captains who wish to share their ideas, opinions and perspectives on environmental topics and news.

“The environment” is an increasingly more significant area of science, policy, law and activism. This column has talked about issues ranging from worldwide, like climate change and global waste management, all the way down to local and campus-based topics, like local elections and sustainability-highlighting events here at Christopher Newport University. This year, the column will continue to bring you news, insights, opinions and information about global, national, local and campus topics in sustainability and environmentalism.

The issues we have and will continue to cover are often problems that need solving. Effectively solving problems like climate change, waste management and reduction and pollution will require action, and action always requires knowledge on the issues. A weekly article in our student newspaper will continue to educate our community for years to come, but only if more passionate writers step up to the challenge of doing so.  

That’s where you come in. Are you passionate about environmental issues? Does a community of activist-authors sound like one you would like to be a part of? Do you know others who might be interested as well? If so, please reach out! Students of all class standings, major-fields and varying levels of writing experience are welcome to join. You can contact me directly via email at

~James Duffy, Staff Writer~

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