Glow in the Darcapella

CNU’s six a capella groups gathered together for their annual showcase, illuminating the beginning of  Homecoming Weekend

They have glowing tights, neon paint splattered on their skin, bright tutus and bowties, vibrant lipsticks and feather boas. They’re jittery, they’re energy-ridden, they’re rehearsed and when they step out on stage, they’re ready. The audience, who has been patiently waiting in anticipation, erupts in applause and cheers. The performance of all of the acapella groups every year at Glow in the Darcapella is a much loved CNU tradition.  Talent is showcased in glowing hues on the vast Diamonstein stage every October as the six acapella groups perform.  There is something special about being able to create such music and sounds with only the voice serving as an instrument.  The preparation, the musical arrangements made, and the constant practicing all built up to an inspiring performance given by each group.

The groups of the night included University Sounds, Take Note, Trebled Youth, The Newport Pearls, Extreme Measures and Expansion.  Junior Jacob Stephens from University Sounds and sophomore Lindsey Gries from Take Note hosted the event on Friday night as emcees. The two prepared their “act” by building in information about each group to share before their set while sprinkling their share of cringey jokes as any good emcees would. Each group performed three songs in front of a packed concert hall after Stephens and Gries’ introduction. 

“As an emcee you get to hear why everyone is so passionate about their respective groups and what really matters to individual groups. Seeing the cultures which all stem from a love of music, but are all slightly different was amazing,” Stephens said. 

The night started with a performance by CNU’s hip hop dance group Hypnotic Control.  They set the tone for a show that would not disappoint! Their creative choreography was just the beginning of a night full of surprising talent and innovative takes on how music can be interpreted.

A wide range of music was performed that night; from songs with inspiring messages like “Bird Set Free” (University Sounds), to fun mashups like combining “La La La” and “Latch” (Take Note), to Disney classics like the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” (Trebled Youth), to upbeat radio hits like “Me!” (Pearls), to a slowed-down take on iconic songs like “Creep” (Extreme Measures), to fist-pumping classics like “Stacy’s Mom” (Expansion).  Whether the audience was captivated by beautifully blended harmonies or bopping along with the energy on stage, Glow was quite the musical experience from beginning to end.  

“Glow is, hands down, my favorite event of the year! I love having an event that all six groups participate in as one community, and the CNU response to the event is amazing. We show up, wear outrageous, glow-in-the-dark outfits, and perform incredible music with the best people to over a 1,000 of our friends and family. that is how you do college the right way,” President of the Newport Pearls Claire Rooney said.

Backstage, there is a whole other Glow experience being had by the members of these groups.  Not too long ago, these groups welcomed new members from auditions and worked within a small time frame to select and perfect their set.  Across the board, the groups commented on the strong community that is built as they work on showcasing their passion for music.  These aren’t just happenstance acquaintances performing on stage.  They are a family. 

That support and love shone through to the audience as each group took the stage and held their own, but it didn’t end there.  The response by fellow Captains is what truly makes this event such a success.  Whether you’re singing on stage or supporting from your seat and cheering them on, this event showcases more than musical talent. It showcases what it means to be a part of the CNU family.  Music brings people together in the best ways, and Glow in the Darcapella is no exception.

~Justine Walton, Staff Writer~

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