To deck or not to deck the halls?

Decorating early for winter holidays is not ridiculous

One of the issues that I have noticed to cause the most disagreements between roommates during this season is the timing of decorating for the holidays. For many of us who celebrate Christmas or other December holidays, decorating for this season is a medium for college students to make their dorms feel cozy and homey. I have come to realize that as a community, we are divided on when is the appropriate time to decorate. 

While Thanksgiving is an important holiday, one that allows for fall decorations that are often more affordable than Christmas, I am not against decorating for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving Break. However, this is an opinion I hold only when referring to college living. In the fall semester, we are on campus for a considerably large chunk of time during the fall season. We have months to decorate and enjoy the pumpkins, piles of fake leaves and “Happy Fall Y’all” signage. 

For the Christmas season, though only have three full weeks after Thanksgiving break to deck the halls with dollar store garland and hundreds of feet of fire-hazard string lights. For myself at least, I like to add onto my decorations.


 Building up your holiday spirit from casual lights to the full out Christmas tree and cliché letter board messages creates a sense of excitement for what is to come.  Three weeks is not long enough for me to be happy with my decorations and relish in my cozy-homemaking abilities. Because of this, I think that in college it is not a faux paux to decorate before Thanksgiving Break.

Those who disagree with this belief have valid points on why mid-November is too early for the holiday spirit. One argument I have entertained is that decorating for Christmas takes away from the importance of Thanksgiving and Christmas. When we drape our mantles with garland, we are moving on from fall before we can celebrate the crowning fall holiday. 

Some may also say that we are forgetting what the Christmas season is about, specifically if you celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ. Our early decorating leads us to celebrate Christmas as a commercial holiday, not a spiritual one. 

Whatever you choose to celebrate or not celebrate, it is my opinion that you should do as you wish. Your Christmas wrapping paper covered door does not negatively impact my life in any way, and for those who act like early decorating is a sin, remember that everyone celebrates holidays differently. 

The only issue we should be worried about when it comes to Christmas decorating is the procrastination of putting away decorations. Once the Christmas season is over, your miniature Santa’s and reindeer need to be packed away and out of sight – because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I do not want my cupids clashing with your elves. 


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