Stop complaining about dining hall food

CNU offers varied options year-round, it’s time we appreciated it

It is indeed that time of year. You walk into Regattas and pretty much head straight to the cereal line, dismissing whatever is on the menu for the day. If you don’t like buffalo chicken wraps or chicken tenders, Tuesday and Wednesday have you feeling pretty dead inside. As the semester comes to a close, it becomes even easier to complain about the dining hall food as repetitive, boring and gross. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of negativity. But the fact is that CNU offers a much better quality of food than almost all other colleges. At one point or another, we all forget to appreciate it. At other dining halls, I’ve been hard pressed to find warm pasta or any cereal besides knock-off Trix. It’s not only about perspective though–it’s easy to forget that we’re judging dining hall food, which simply cannot measure up to homestyle cooking or Cracker Barrel, whatever your metric is. Some days, you have to expect to settle – not all menus are going to line up with your tastes.

Having a varied salad bar, sandwich options, Mongolian Grill and yes – different cereals – offer a lot of variety throughout any point in the year. As someone who tries to eat healthy and has found only wilted lettuce at other schools, the Healthy Haven and continuous supply of fruits and vegetables is pretty nice – not to mention eight flavors of ice cream at almost any given point in the semester for when healthy stuff is too hard. 

While we’ve all experienced a disappointing meal, it’s impossible to expect your food to be perfect every meal of the day. If your fries are a little soggy or the rice turns out to be disgusting, get something else. It’s really not that hard. Making it your pastime to complain about dining hall food won’t make it any better but it will turn you into a broken record. No matter what dining hall you go to, there will be stuff to complain about. Learning to adapt to the food is the same as other aspects of college life. Open-mindedness and positivity towards everything from food to classes and friends will be much more enriching. So stop whining, get a buffalo chicken wrap and move on.


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