Another basic holiday PSA

Helping others should take priority year-round, not just at Christmas

It is finally that special time of year where we get together with our loved ones and make memories that will last for years to come.  

Because of this time of year, people often think about what they have and look to give back to the communities and try to act their best. I don’t know if they think Santa is still watching or they want to impress the NSA agents who are monitoring them at all times, but people always seem to want to help out this time of year. 

What about the other eleven months, though? Shouldn’t we try to give back all year round?

So often in our lives we take what we have for granted. All of us are truly blessed, by whatever you believe or don’t believe in, to be fortunate enough to go to a college, to have three different pairs of Roshe shoes or to just be able to read this hastily written article. There are people out there in the world who aren’t nearly as lucky as we are to have everything life has to offer us.

 I believe that throughout the year, we should try to give back to our community more.  Whether it be volunteering at a homeless shelter, donating money to those sad commercials with the starving puppies or just being there for the people around you we should always try to be our best selves.   

The holidays are a time for giving back. We give gifts to the people that are close to us to show that we appreciate them in our lives. 

The best gift, however, is really helping others in a time of need.  Whether it’s a friend who doesn’t want to walk to the mailroom by themselves, or stopping on the side of the road to help someone push their car uphill with your brother, a small act like that can really make someone’s day. 


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