Meet The Editors!

Anna Dorl – Editor in Chief

Emma Dixon – Executive Producer of CNUTV

Taylor Vigil – Photography Editor

Joshua Grimes – News Editor

Travis Rocha – Lifestyle Editor

Ashley McMillan – A&E Editor, Social Media Manager

Matthew Morhiser – Sports Editor

Felix Phommachanh – CNUTV Managing Editor

Liam Rowell – Business Manager

Grace Goodley – Head of Public Relations and Marketing

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  1. Good afternoon and the Trible Library Archives loves getting copies of the Captain’s Log! We keep two copies of each issue for historical purposes. Somehow we’ve missed getting the first issue of this year’s volume 50, issue 1. Is it possible to get two copies of that from you for our collection? Thank you for every consideration!

    1. thecaptainslogcnu says:

      Thanks for reaching out to us. We did not print a physical copy of the first edition because of the hurricane interruption. However, you can find the pdf copy online here:

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