Tragedy Strikes Unexpectedly

Multiple law suits filed after the deadly Travis Scott Concert

~Maggie Gammons, Staff Writer~

A festival and concert are a place of enjoyment, and many people consider live music a hobby.  Unfortunately, this was not the case on Friday, November 5th, in Houston, Texas. At Travis Scotts’ Astroworld festival, tragedy struck.  The event hosted at NRG Park was seen by 50,000 fans Friday night, a sold-out crowd.  At the beginning of the concert, people started pushing against barriers at the front and sides of the stage. As the night went on, the elbowing turned to shoving as people were eager to move closer to Scott.  Those in the front started to feel claustrophobic, as the barriers were chest high… Individuals were screaming and needing to get the attention of Travis Scott or other security personnel.  Unfortunately, Scott never stopped the concert-whether due to a lack of knowledge or ignorance is unknown. This panic and confusion resulted in several severe injuries and nine casualties.  According to Texan Hospitals, 28 people have become hospitalized for broken ribs, compression injuries, and other critical health issues.  

How does this happen?  Attending a concert should not be a death sentence.  As fans, you are putting your trust and ultimately your life in the hands of the artist you are seeing.  What happened at Astroworld could have been easily avoided by being prepared.  Medical staff were scarce and not equipped to handle the size of the event.  Security was also understaffed and unable to perform their responsibilities to the fullest.  The company, Live Nation, which was responsible for hiring these individuals, has had countless other incidents and a total of 200 deaths and 750 injuries at their events.  As of now, there is a criminal investigation ongoing to determine the verdict on this horrific occasion.  Travis Scott released an apology video on social media Sunday Night.  The video was one minute and thirty seconds long, and many listeners thought it was a simple and superficial apology.  However, Scott will be paying the funeral costs for those who died at his concert.  As of now, Live Nation Entertainment and promoter ScoreMore Holdings have been sued.  

Photo courtesy of The Dailey News

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