10 Years Of Glow

Glow in the Darcapella celebrates their 10th annual show

~Savannah Dunn, A&E Editor~

This past weekend, Glow in the Darcapella celebrated its 10th annual show with performances by all six on campus acapella groups. The energy was high and ticket availability was low. Those who were unable to attend truly missed out on this real life Pitch Perfect experience. The hip-hop dance group, Hypnotic Control, gave an epic performance that hyped up the audience. It was a great way to kick off this fan favorite event. They wowed the crowd with their talent and incredible dance moves. 

There was not a dull moment during the concert with Derrick Pough Jr. and Jared Vaughn as the MCs. They made sure the crowd stayed entertained(and that the old folks and babies stayed awake) even between sets. Derrick and Jared had countless jokes and were a great dynamic duo. They kept everyone laughing throughout the entire show. 

Expansion A Capella is the only all male group a capella group and were the first to showcase their talent at Glow. Their set included covers of “ Viva La Vida,”  “Someone You Loved,” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Following Expansion was the Newport Pearls, one of the all female groups. Rylee French, a member of the Pearls, says that they sang “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae because the Pearls sang it at the very first Glow in the Dark Capella – this was to honor the 10 years of Glow. Take Note was up next. They had the crowd laughing at their Wii themed intro video. Right before intermission, a few members of the groups showed off their incredible beatboxing skills. Everyone was amazed by this jaw dropping talent. 

Extreme Measures were an amazing start to the second half of the show. They sang covers of “Watermelon Sugar,” “Baby in Blue,” and “Rocky.” Following them was Trebled Youth with covers of “Levitating,” “Till Forever Falls Apart,” and “Ain’t it Fun.” University Sounds ended the concert with their high energy through “Take On Me,” “Stupid Deep,” and “Love Me Less.”

This show was truly incredible. Those who went are already getting excited for next year’s Glow and those who didn’t should definitely plan to attend in the future.

Photos courtesy of The Captain’s Log

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