What are Captains Listening To?

Shannon shares the albums and songs that have been stuck in her head this week

~Shannon Garrett, Staff Writer~

I have been listening to a lot of music lately to deal with the stress of school and the pandemic we are living through. Some of it has been chill, calm music that can be played on loop, and some of it has been fast, loud music that is good for releasing stress, tension, and anger. I chose three albums I’ve been playing and three songs I’ve had on loop several times. 

The first album I chose is Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation by Sohodolls because it’s sort of rock and punk at the same time, and the guitars and drums are really good on each song. Some of the songs have a feeling of anger, such as “Trash The Rental,” and being able to let that loose in a non-destructive way is so freeing. Two other songs, “Stripper” and “Bang Bang Bang Bang,” are the first songs of Sohodolls I ever listened to. They’re good introductions to the band, while also having a sort of boldness that is hard to ignore. 

The second album I chose is Flora and Fauna by Joe Viba because it has such chill vibes, and Joe Viba has a very smooth voice. The lyrics are catchy and fit with the R&B genre the album is a part of. There is an ocean/water/beach theme throughout the album that creates some cohesion between songs. My favorite songs on this album are “After Midnight,” “Cocoa Beach” and “Made in Cozumel.”  Each of these songs are about love and being happy with the person you’re with, and it’s so nice to hear.

The third album I chose is the I Medici (Original Soundtrack) because it’s good for background while doing homework due to being primarily instrumental. The composer, Paolo Buonvino, created an excellent score, and sometimes it sounds like what I imagine a church choir to sound like. I could really feel the emotions in every piece. Some of the best songs from the soundtrack are “Sanctus Kyrie,” “A Moment of Joy” and “Decadence.” All of these songs capture the feelings they want the audience to feel and hold my attention whenever I hear them. 

A few songs besides the ones listed above that I’ve been playing on repeat are “Atomic Number” by Neko Case, k.d. lang, Laura Veirs, “Runner” by Tennis and “Head Over Heels” by ABBA. “Atomic Number” has really good vocals that show off each person’s talents, as well as cool lyrics and a calm vibe to it. “Head Over Heels” is a very fun song to bop to and has some really catchy and memorable lyrics. Also, ABBA is just a classic group in general. “Runner” has a calm feel to it, along with interesting lyrics that have biblical references. There is a very cool guitar section in the middle that gives the song some oomph.

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