Aromas Review

Come for the coffee and stay for the grilled cheese

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

It doesn’t take much for a new restaurant or coffee shop to peak my interest, oftentimes I’m sold as soon as I see the single dollar sign rating on google maps. Though, Aromas caught my eye for a different reason, namely their breakfast menu. They have all the classics: croissant sandwiches, omelettes, waffles, yogurts, and plenty of sides to choose from. As a self-proclaimed purveyor of breakfast foods, I’m always itching to try new spots in hopes of discerning what is truly the best breakfast place in town. It’s cheap and convenient to just round up the boys for a quick Waffle House or IHOP trip, but gathering the boys to support small businesses is even better, which is exactly what I did. If you’ve never heard of Aromas, it’s a small coffee/bakeshop located in City Center. To my knowledge, it’s surprisingly not as popular as their delectable menu would imply because none of my friends had heard of it before. Obviously, I knew I was going to have to try it for myself in order to get to the bottom of their delicious mysteries.

Walking into Aromas you’ll immediately be greeted by the classic coffee shop vibes. Youthful, hipster-ish baristas behind the counter with a variety of baked goods on display and indie rock tunes playing in the background. With eager eyes, I took a look at the menu and was disheartened to learn that breakfast stops serving at 12:00 p.m. My friends and I had arrived just 30 minutes too late, but thankfully their lunch menu seemed equally appetizing. Most of my friends ordered coffees, but I went with a chai latte and a grilled cheese off the kids menu. I should mention their menu offered a very tasty vegetarian cheese melt which is basically a grilled cheese dialed to 11, but I decided on the kids menu grilled cheese because I was curious if they’d prepare it in a cute way—and they did not disappoint. The grilled cheese was perfectly golden brown with a classic diagonal cut, but the whimsical surprise was the sandwich was surrounded by a pool of goldfish crackers. It’s not exactly fine dining, but you just can’t beat grilled cheese and goldfish. It felt like something my mom would make me for a snack after soccer practice in elementary school. The chai latte was a bit of an odd pairing, but it similarly did not disappoint.

My favorite part of living in Newport News is every restaurant seems to be its own hidden gem. The city isn’t exactly a tourist hotspot or anything, and yet you’ll be able to find any kind of food you’re in the mood for here. I love that during my fourth year here, I’m still finding new places to visit with my friends. I definitely plan on visiting Aromas again soon and when I do, I’ll be there in time for the breakfast menu.

Aromas is located at 06 Town Center Dr, Newport News, VA 23606. Fore more information, visit their website at

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