Virtual V-Day Date Ideas

With COVID-19 numbers spiking on campus, read how you can cozy up, socially-distanced style

~Ashley McMillan, Arts & Entertainment Editor~

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with no end in the spike of COVID-19 numbers, couples and best friends on campus will have to stay in on the romantic day. A lot of us can’t see our partner because they may live in another building – if this relates to you, this article is targeted to you. I am so sorry. If only one could throw snowballs at party-goers windows, but alas, let us focus on just us for one day and remember we can’t change their past (and hopefully not current) behavior. I’m not salty at all, but let’s get into it. 

Cottagecore Minecraft Night

Who doesn’t like a good ole reboot of their favorite childhood game? Considering the #cottagecore lifestyle is going trending like crazy on all social media platforms, it’s only right I add this. First, you grab your laptop and iPhone charger, second, you facetime your partner or best friend, and three, you make a beautiful cottage atop your favorite biome. I highly suggest doing creative mode for the sole purpose of creating your beautiful home easily with your partner. “What do I even build, Ashley?” Do something idyllic or unrealistic, like a Hobbit hole or mushroom home. If you finish early, great! Now get started on your ethereal village, with surrounding waterfalls and fairy gardens. 

Recipe Showdown

If you’re more interested in having a romantic, nice dinner, then I highly recommend doing a recipe showdown. On the day before, scroll through Pinterest and find easy-to-make dinner and dessert recipes that work well with your existing or non-existing kitchen space. Afterwards, go to the grocery store with your partner and find all of the ingredients. Afterwards, split up the two recipes by flipping a coin to see who makes what. Personally, I think of grocery outings already as mini dates, but I just really enjoy food. Anyways, on the day of Valentine’s Day, you two would facetime when following along with the recipes. When the two of you finish, quickly meet up on campus and give each other the other half of your recipe. When you get back to the room with your dessert or dinner, voila!, the two of you can do a little taste test of your creations! 

Crafting Lovely CreationsWe’re all a little stressed because of the pandemic and the slow steady of vaccines, but lets relieve some of the stress in a cute way. Crafting is the best way to forget about your worries, and in time, make a beautiful present. If you and your partner are low on money for gifting, this date is for you! Not only are you spending time together in a socially-distanced manner, but you’re also creating each other beautiful, homemade gifts. My favorite way to craft is to get an old record, considering they’re around a quarter at a thrift store, and to paint it. By finding a unique canvas, you’re able to create a beautiful, quirky gift. Interesting canvases do have their struggles too, considering painting or beautifying them may take longer due to their unique material. But if you wait until facetime to figure this out, it’s more fun that way anyway.

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