Grounded Coffee review

Through coffee comes community

~Anna Dorl, Editor in Chief~

Nestled in the Port Warwick area, Grounded Coffee welcomes customers with a circular light-up sign with a sleek coffee bean design – a beacon that invites coffee lovers from all over to come and enjoy a cup. A welcome addition to the arsenal of independent coffee shops that Newport News has accumulated over the past few years, Grounded Coffee has been open since October 2020, but has quickly become popular among the Newport News community and its crowd of coffee connoisseurs.

Unlike many chain coffee shops in the Newport News area such as Starbucks and Dunkin’, the interior seating area inside Grounded is open to customers despite the ongoing pandemic. Long light wood tables are spread out within the inviting space, enclosed by soothing white walls and a polished concrete floor. Intricate macrame hangings line the walls. Alongside a front wall of windows is a tufted leather couch under a sprawling potted tree. A geometric light fixture brushed with gold hangs above the room, bathing it in warm light. Grounded Coffee oozes a sense of home away from home, creating a cozy sense that one might expect to find in their living room.

The eclectic yet classic menu at Grounded Coffee is one of the many aspects that keeps customers coming back for more. They have all the coffee staples: drip coffee, cold brew, lattes, cappuccinos and cortados. They only use single origin coffee blends hailing from Three Ships Coffee, a roastery in Virginia Beach. Grounded also offers black tea, hot or iced, as well as several different milk and syrup options so customers can individualize their drinks. My personal favorite, which I find myself ordering again and again, is their cappuccino with oat milk and sugar. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll ask for hazelnut syrup as well. The food side of their menu includes a variety of baked goods from Indulge Bakery and Bistro in the Hilton Village area of Newport News. For those looking for something more savory, Grounded also offers chorizo tacos, breakfast sandwiches and baked oatmeal.

Although Grounded Coffee’s prices do tend to be a little higher than Canvas Coffee or Aromas, I would argue that the steeper price is worth it for a delicious cup of local coffee crafted with care.

To accommodate guests who want to grab and go, or those who may not want to enter a crowded coffee shop during a pandemic, Grounded offers online ordering as well as curbside pickup. Recently, they even launched their own IOS and Android app, where customers can place orders and accumulate rewards. Inside the cafe, they have branded merchandise available for sale, including soft sweatshirts and stickers with their coffee bean logo. 

So what makes Grounded Coffee the best coffee shop in Newport News? The laid-back vibes, the aesthetically pleasing interior design, their extensive menu? It’s definitely a combination of the three. Together, they create a beautiful space where friends and family can gather together and enjoy a warm drink together. Grounded is a true testament to the idea that coffee can create a sense of community.

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