Smallcakes Cupcakery Review

Yes, an entire shop just for cupcakes

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

Reminiscing on simpler times, I recall some of my fondest memories from preadolescence. From dating my first girlfriend to being dumped by my first girlfriend, elementary school certainly had its ups and downs. Fortunately, one thing I could always rely on was when it was someone’s birthday, the whole class was getting cupcakes. The birthday boy or girl would walk around the classroom, gingerly placing cupcakes on each student’s desk to which every student would begin salivating in eager anticipation (except for that one guy with a gluten intolerance). But before the class could eat, there was always a pregnant pause to sing “Happy Birthday,” followed by customarily allowing the celebrant to take the first bite. (We all remember the kinds of kids who wouldn’t wait to take their first bite. All of those kids are in jail now.) These were the days of blissful ignorance, when the only thing that mattered was learning your multiplication tables and buying the latest in Aeropostale fashion. A decade later, in my 20s, I typically don’t show the same excitement or reverence to cupcakes anymore. In fact, they’re probably one of the least likely desserts for me to try, but Smallcakes Cupcakery may have just changed that.

In the modern world, it often seems as though if you can dream it, it exists (especially when it comes to food). Smallcakes Cupcakery is one such eatery that demonstrates this to the fullest. Upon walking into their quaint and neatly organized store, one might be taken aback by the deliciously unorthodox items on the menu. With flavors such as hot fudge sundae, cookies-n-creme, peanut butter cup, lemon drop, and Boston creme pie, Smallcakes’ cupcakes do the job of combining two delicious desserts into one spectacular creation. Though, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the classic staple flavor of birthday cake and its less common sister flavor, wedding cake. There is an important distinction to be made between these delectable baked goods, and I promise the flavor differential is worthwhile enough to warrant a sampling of both. Plus, aren’t you curious what “wedding” tastes like? (It tastes like love and almonds.) Among these are plenty more flavors, and this is all to say nothing of the monthly specials and other unique items featured on their menu including smashes (cupcake infused milkshakes), cookie sandwiches, and a selection of ice creams.

After much in-store rumination, I came home with three cupcakes: wedding cake, birthday cake, and hot fudge sundae. My favorite was easily the birthday cake, but each cupcake had its own special qualities. The hot fudge sundae flavor is a chocolate cupcake with a thick lathering of sweet frosting, chocolate sauce drizzle, sprinkles, nuts, and, of course, a bright red cherry plopped on top. The birthday and wedding cake flavors are much simpler, featuring generous layers of frosting and sprinkles that allow for the cupcake’s taste to take center stage as opposed to its toppings. Each cupcake was surprisingly weighty considering there was no filling, but all of that weight certainly translates to the powerful punch of flavor each has. With such a gourmet selection, you’ll be happy to learn that each cupcake only costs $3.75. You may struggle to decide on just one, so I suggest taking a trip with your friends to buy a few and sample them together. Once you see the size of the cupcakes, you’ll understand why it would be rather difficult to eat more than one in a single sitting.

Unwrapping a cupcake is one of life’s most simple pleasures, the soft pull of the liner which leaves the iconic indentation around the pastry is unlike anything else (except maybe unwrapping muffins). Whether you lick the frosting off, only eat half to watch your calories, or take the whole thing in one bite, cupcakes are a dessert anyone can enjoy. Smallcakes Cupcakery invigorates its treats with the childhood whimsy and imagination that made us fall in love with them in the first place. 

Smallcakes Cupcakery is located at 12515 Jefferson Ave #330, Newport News, VA 23602. For more information, visit their website.

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