Move over, PSL!

Canvas Coffee’s new autumnal drinks are all the rage

~Ashley McMillan, Arts and Entertainment Editor~

Located in Styron Square, the up-scale coffee shop Canvas Coffee House has only been rising in popularity after only being opened since Feb 15 in 2019. The coffee house’s sleek design and dashes of artistic and plant life details make it the perfect atmospheric combination of hominess and studious. For this autumn season, Canvas brought out new and unique drinks Sept. 1, drinks I have never encountered before in other coffee house’s.

The first drink I had was a hot Ube Latte out of the two ways it could be brewed (hot and iced) – and it was purely an intuitively fun experience. The drink is a liquidized purple sweet potato I believe, with notes of honey. The drink is made of homemade ube syrup, condensed milk, ube powder, and of course, espresso. When the barista brings it out to you, the cup is filled to the brim with latte art and flicks of purple. When it’s brought out cold, the drink is collected into a long mason jar, with swirls of the milk and pink cream swimming between the cubes, with sprinkles of purple on top. The Ube Latte is perfect for those willing to escape their comfort zone for an enthralling and sweet experience. 

The second drink that was introduced is the Spiced Apple Cappuccino – a heart-warming drink that needs to be the new pumpkin spice latte for the autumn season. The Spiced Apple Cappuccino is made of espresso, housemade apple syrup, and interestingly enough, pumpkin pie spice. I’ve only had the drink warm (though I will try the iced option this warm weekend), and it’s sincerely a melting pot of all things fall. The sweet cinnamon flavor of it all has been my go-to as each day passes by and more crunchy leaves fall on the Styron Square sidewalks. If you’re looking for a drink to accompany your light reading or afternoons filled with discussions of Halloween shows, like Over the Garden Wall, I highly recommend trying the Spiced Apple Cappuccino. 

Canvas Coffee House is open 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday.

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