Oozlefinch Review

Oozlefinch? More like boozlefinch 

~Travis Rocha, Lifestyle Editor~

Although the summer itself may be behind us, it seems there still might be a few summer days left in 2020 for us in Newport News. Lately, the days have been warm and pleasant which is the perfect temperature to enjoy the outdoors with your friends. With colder months quickly approaching, now is the time to make the most out of this last stretch of warmth for the year. A good way to do that is by heading to the beach, specifically Ft. Monroe beach where you can stop by Oozlefinch Beers and Blending located right by the shore.

Ft. Monroe beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Newport News/Hampton area for Captains to visit because it’s kept tidy and is relatively spacious. Most days, there are lots of families and friends laid out in the sand or swimming in the water. With social distancing in mind, it’s important to be cognizant of those around you and try to maintain six feet of distance—thankfully, this usually isn’t a problem at Ft. Monroe, even with all of the visitors. Oozlefinch is a large attraction for beachgoers because of, well, the beer, but also because it’s a model establishment for safe operating procedures. Inside seating is currently unavailable, but patrons are encouraged to enjoy their drinks on the patio or lawn surrounding the building which is perfect for the weather we’ve been having.

Oozlefinch’s menu is one of those menus that everyone has to stare at for a while because everything on it sounds so curious, and yet so good. Though you may first be bewildered by it, there’s no escaping the inevitable intrigue that follows. It features such drinks as the “Das Yummy” which is inspired by peach crumble pie, the “Party Dinosaur” which tastes like a caramel apple and even a beer named “Puppy Kisses,” plus plenty more to choose from (including more traditional brews). Undoubtedly, there’s truly something for everyone here so long as you’re 21 and up. After diligently sampling quite a few of their wares as any self-respecting critic would, I concluded my favorite was the coffee-inspired “Rare Bird,” which, according to their website, is “a unanimous favorite amongst our team and customers” so I suppose it isn’t too surprising I enjoyed it as much as I did.

It’s never wise to drink on an empty stomach and while Oozlefinch may not serve food, they typically always have a food truck parked outside or very close by to ensure that no one goes hungry. There’s no need to worry when you get to Ft. Monroe because an outing to Oozlefinch has all the ingredients for a perfect day. There are so many great spots to enjoy a drink with friends in the Newport News area, but Oozlefinch’s beachside setting is unmatched. Though, despite the brewery being excellent, I can’t say I necessarily left completely satisfied. As I departed, there was one burning question lingering on my mind. And it’s one I’m sure everyone else has been dying to know as well: What is an oozlefinch? The answer did not disappoint as I learned it is a mythical featherless and flightless bird which acts as the mascot for the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery branch. Now, those origins don’t exactly scream brewery inspiration to me, but you can’t argue with the results.

Oozlefinch Beers and Blending is located at 81 Patch Rd, Fort Monroe, VA 23651. For more information, visit their website at www.oozlefinchbeers.com.

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