An unexpected adventure

Vivianna Atkins

I am an accounting major. You know, the major that is good with numbers, spreadsheets and earning money. Among other things, we are universally known to be bad at writing and words (and honestly, all communication). As a result, I never thought that I would find myself in journalism or as an editor of The Captain’s Log. In fact, I never thought that I would willingly write and edit, much less for fun.

I came to be a member of The Captain’s Log a few years ago when, after exchanging some heated words about a certain “great” expansion, a really good friend of mine told me that I should write an opinion about it. I laughed at the idea at first, but the more I thought about writing, the more I had to say. 

I started writing down my rants and then organizing them into coherent thoughts. Soon, that easy, I had finished my first and last article (or so I thought). When it was published, I was so proud of myself. It felt so good to see my work. I showed everyone. They all gave great feedback and said how much they loved the article, especially since it was littered with satire and puns. I wanted to write again. So, I did. Opinion after opinion turned into article after article. 

Since I enjoyed it so much, I started going to the weekly budget meetings and hanging out in The Captain’s Log office. At first, I was timid and shy. I felt like, as an accounting major with no previous journalism, I didn’t belong. But, they didn’t think that. They wanted me there, and they were so accepting. They showed me all the ropes and treated me like anyone else there.

After I realized that, I always wanted to hang out with these oddballs that were as weird and goofy as me. I was there so much that I turned from just a staff writer to the copyeditor in charge of looking over every article, caption, picture and thing in the paper. I loved getting to learn so much and work with so many amazing people. I was in the office every free moment I had, and I was laughing more because of it. I got to experience things that I hadn’t before joining, and I got to be creative — something not really stressed in the accounting major.

Despite being in many many other organizations, this one is where I most felt at home. I built the most amazing friendships and discovered more of who I am and what I want in life. I loved every bit of it, from delivering papers first thing in the morning to working relentlessly up until deadline every week. The thrill and chaos of publishing will always stay with me and be a hallmark of my time at CNU.

I haven’t been able to edit or write for the paper for the last few weeks because of the pandemic cancelling the rest of my senior year, but my love for it has never died. I am always looking for ways to write, and, to the dismay of everyone around me, I can’t stop editing. 

Even though I am leaving CNU and The Captain’s Log, I am taking with me countless memories, a newfound respect of journalism and some great friendships. I will always have my favorite people in my life, and I know that I will always be supported — all because I wrote one silly article. If you have an opinion, let your voice be heard. Don’t back down just because you aren’t “supposed” to or you “don’t belong.” You never know what doors you’ll open up, what family you will find and what words you’ll put down in ink.

Although I graduated with an accounting degree and will start work at an amazing accounting firm in a few months, I’m going to continue in journalism. I don’t yet know in what capacity this will be, but I am excited for the adventures that await me.


~Vivianna Atkins, Staff Writer~

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