There is a new group in charge

The new Panhellenic executive board is officially in office and hard at work

As a new year for Greek life has begun on campus there is officially a new executive board for Panhellenic. 

“There was a formal application and interview process with the previous executive board, and chapter presidents from each chapter that wasn’t currently represented on E-board,” junior and new Panhellenic President Erin Stitt said. Through this process, each applicant listed ideas for each position that they were interested in and why they were qualified for the job. Once the previous executive board had chosen the slate (list of members that would be part of the new executive board) each chapter voted to pass it.

The Panhellenic executive board is comprised of six different positions. These include president, vice president of community engagement, vice president of internal affairs, vice president of recruitment, vice president of membership development, vice president of signature events and vice president of external affairs.

Stitt is currently a sister of Gamma Phi Beta and will be serving as the new Panhellenic President. She will do a little bit of everything with all the vice presidents, attend as well as run meetings and she will serve as the Panhellenic representative at university affairs. Natalee Jamerson is currently a sister of Delta Gamma and is the new Vice President of Community Engagement. Karen Wilson, sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, is the new Vice President of Internal Affairs. Lilly Tyson who is a sister of Phi Mu is the new Vice President of Recruitment. Alexa Jones, also a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, is the new Vice President of Membership Development. Kayla Burke is currently a sister of Alpha Delta Pi and is the new Vice President of Signature Events. Finally, Aly Sharp is a sister of Alpha Phi and is currently serving as the new Vice President of External Affairs. 

The Panhellenic Transition Ceremony was held on Thursday, Feb. 13 in the David Student Union. “The ceremony took place in front of the Council and other chapter members. The previous executive board received their stoles for graduation and the newly established board received Panhellenic pins and a white rose,” Stitt said. At this ceremony the members of the new executive board had to agree to uphold and promote the standards of the Panhellenic creed in each of their positions.

The new executive board has already been hard at work as they attended The Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) Conference over the weekend of Jan. 30 – Feb. 2 in Indianapolis. There were over 4,000 representatives from Panhellenic, Interfraternity Council  and National Pan-Hellenic  Council in attendance. “It was a giant room full of student leaders, and that couldn’t make me more excited for the future of our generation,” Stitt said. “We attended breakout sessions about a wide variety of topics concerning values, how to lead an organization and what to do in times of doubt or conflict.” Not only did they get to learn a lot, but it was also a time for the Greek councils to bond and get to know one another a lot better. 

It has been a busy time for the new Panhellenic executive board but an exciting one as well. “As president I am most excited to meet new people. This campus community means so much to me and each member contributes valuable and unique aspects,” Stitt said. “As a council, we are most excited to serve seven incredible chapters and the CNU community and be able to represent the University as an anchor organization.” 

Overall the new Panhellenic executive board is not only excited for a new year, but they are also hard at work and ready to put all of their effort into the Panhellenic community.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

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