Men’s Lacrosse starts off hot with big win

Captains Men’s Lacrosse picks up nine point win of season on the road

The Captains opened their season with an emphatic victory in Chestertown, Maryland on Feb. 15, overcoming their opponents and winning by nine. 

Despite the final score line, things started very differently for the visitors. Freshman #17 Aaron Casteel won the first faceoff which set up Christopher Newport to move into the offensive zone, but they would only have a pair of shots on target before Washington College (Md.) would have a successful clear and head back down the other way. 

#1 Scott McAneney was positioned between the pipes to make the save, but the ball slipped by him, putting the Shoremen up by one just under four minutes into the contest. Washington (Md.) would win the next faceoff, and both teams would take turns on the attack. 

The next seven minutes would see McAneney pick up four more saves as well as a pair of turnovers caused by #6 Dylan Rice for the Captains. 

However, on the last shot faced, McAneney and the Captains would be unable to keep the ball away from the Shoremen as #8 Cooper Sloan would fire another shot into the net for his second on the day and doubling Washington’s (Md) lead. 

Not wasting any time, as soon as the defensemen had done their duties and cleared the zone, the attackers for the Shoremen would once again march down to the other side and fire off another goal. Up by three with zero goals allowed in the first period, the Shoremen were in control of the game. 

Casteel would win the opening faceoff to start the second frame and the Captains would have an opportunity, but #25 Brady Altobello’s shot would miss just over the crossbar. 

#11 Will Stockhausen would pick up a one minute penalty for slashing, yet the Captains would be able to hold off any chances cultivated by Washington (Md.) during the penalty. 

Stockhausen and #22 Alex Brendes would both block shots leading to a groundball pickup by the former. The Captains would wedge their foot in the door as Altobello would convert on his second chance of the period just seven seconds later. 

The next minute would see a flurry of offense, #31 Drew Miller’s shot would ring off the post and act as a war cry for the rest of the squad. Stockhausen would create some space for himself and keeping his head up, be able to find #20 Coby Auslander who had no difficulty beating the keeper bringing the Captains to within one.

The Shoremen struck back forcing two saves out of McAneney on four shots before the Captains would find reprieve. With the ball in their sticks, the attackers knew the Shoremen were within reach and took a chance. Brendes navigated his way through the zone and came up with the equalizer with just under seven minutes remaining in the half.

The Captains not satisfied with the progress they made, called a timeout for the best chance at finding a go-ahead goal. Rice, after the restart, had his shot blocked but would not be denied a second time as he fired off a shot that snuck past #2 Chris Del Rosario. The Captains now had jammed the door open and it would not close on them again. 

Exactly two minutes later, the horn sounded again as this time it was #8 Thomas Mark whose shot found the mark. Casteel would win the next faceoff, but nothing of consequence would take place until the final 15 seconds. Sloan would pick up a 30 second interference penalty, but with the first half coming to a close, the advantage would carry over into the third frame.

Starting the third quarter, the Shoremen would be on high alert playing a man down. They would see out the penalty, but the Captains would still be breathing down their necks as Christopher Newport would pass the ball around the zone, waiting for their chance. 

Rice decided not to try for his second as he threw an apple over to Brendes who would score his second. 

After a turnover, #16 Phoenix Hines would find #21 Miles Collins for his first of the day and the Captains’ seventh unanswered goal. 

The Shoremen would respond in turn and scored a goal of their own, their first in just under 20 minutes. 

After the third period was halfway over, the Captains would find another chance as Brendes would look for his hat trick three separate times but was stopped twice by Del Rosario and missed wide on his third shot. But a quick response from the Captains bringing the ball back in play allowed Mark to score his second bumping the lead back up.

A faceoff violation gave the ball over to the home side, but the subsequent shot flew over McAneney’s head. The Captains’ defense would struggle clearing the ball as McAneney had a turnover. 

After, in an attempt to one up the Shoremen, Hines would knock the ball loose with #33 Max Wayne in the right place at the right time, and the clear would be successful. 

#9 Danny McMinn would register his first collegiate goal off the feed from #42 Jackson Deal to boost the lead back up to four. 

Christopher Newport came out of the break with a fire beneath them, scoring two goals in under a minute. 

#39 Michael Brost would take the next faceoff for the Captains. Collins would come away with the ball, but it would take another five minutes for Miller to score his first goal of the contest after sending a shot off the post in the first half. A Washington (Md.) timeout and just under 30 seconds later, the Shoremen would put tack on their final goal of the game. 

With under two minutes remaining in the game, Brendes would finish off his hat trick and score his final goal, making him only the fourth freshman with a hat trick on opening day in program history. Stockhausen has registered at least one point in the previous 26 consecutive contests which is the longest streak in program history. 

The Captains have their home opener on Feb. 22 against Hampden-Sydney College at 6 p.m. under the lights at Jennings Family Stadium.

~Austin Urch, Staff Writer~

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