Kisses and disses

“The Bachelor” recap: Week 8

Yikes is how this episode could be summarized in one word. 

Hannah Ann was the first hometown visit of the episode with Peter heading to Knoxville, Tennessee. Hannah Ann’s father was a little less than thrilled about meeting Peter, as most fathers might be when their daughters’ boyfriend is dating three other women. Peter attempted to make up for it by telling his father, as well as Hannah Ann, that he was falling in love with her and could see himself proposing. It was a hometown visit full of love, ax throwing and skeptical Southern fathers. 

Afterward, Peter heads to Des Moines, Iowa to meet Kelsey’s family. She starts the visit by taking him to create homemade wine with her, and we are blessed with lots of grape stomping and cheesy wine metaphors from Peter. Throughout the entire season, Kelsey has been very emotional and vulnerable about her feelings for Peter, and so it’s no surprise when she tells Peter she is in love with him. Peter responds with a kiss, but we can all tell that he doesn’t feel the same as he does about Hannah Ann. He then meets her family, and of course, her mom is worried about her getting her heart broken for good reason. Her family dynamic is not as emotional as we expected from her reveal during the last episode. 

Madison is up next in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama. They end up in the Auburn University basketball stadium. The two play a little one-on-one, and, being a four-time high school basketball champion, Madison crushes him. Peter gets to meet Madison’s mom, dad and two sisters at dinner where they share some sweet traditions with him. In a side conversation between Madison and her mom, it is revealed that Madison is a virgin when her mother asks if she has told Peter that she is waiting until marriage. Peter confesses he is in love with Madison in his personal interview and tells Madison he is falling head over heels for her. She does not tell him she’s in love because she says “I’m still trying to figure out if our spirits and our souls are compatible.” 

Last and definitely not least, Peter visits Virginia Beach, the hometown of contestant Victoria F. She surprises him with a Hunter Hayes concert to make up for their first one-on-one date. Although, this date does not turn out much different from their first because Peter runs into an ex-girlfriend. Her face is blurred, but he has a brief conversation with her where she gives him some tea on Victoria. She says blatantly “Just be careful” and “There’s been many relationships broken up because of her.” What does she mean by this? Well, we never really find out when Peter confronts her about it later. She becomes defensive and says their relationship cannot move forward. She once again pushes Peter away, and her family comforts her as he drives off. 

We think this is the end of Victoria and Peter, but man we are wrong. They meet up the next day in his hotel room where they apologize to one another. Everyone knows they should break up, but they decide to keep moving forward. Peter never gets to meet her family. The episode ends with a rose ceremony where Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Victoria receive roses – and yes I didn’t type that wrong. Victoria receives a rose while Kelsey is sent home.

Tune in next week for fantasy suites, where more will be revealed about Madison’s decision to wait until marriage. 

~Kaitlin Sanata, Staff Writer~

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