A fun new twist on Valentine’s Day

Alpha Phi hosts their annual Galentine’s Day event for sororities on campus

On Feb.13, the women of Alpha Phi hosted their annual “Galentine’s” Day mixer, a girls-only event on the eve of Valentine’s Day to promote female empowerment and unity between all of the organizations of the Panhellenic community.

Walking into the Alpha Phi house, the room was filled with laughter, music and loud, energetic conversations. Groups gathered at one side of the room at a table of snacks and sweet treats, including chips, pink cupcakes, M&M’s and conversation candy hearts stating phrases like “bae,” “gal pal” and “be mine.”  In the center of the room, a painted backdrop that said “Girl Gang” served as a photoshoot center, with many lining up to take fun pictures together with heart sunglasses as props. 

Karrah Tranquill, sister of Alpha Phi, was particularly enthusiastic about the mixer’s overall purpose of connecting the Greek community. “One of my favorite moments is when my friend that I met in class who’s in Zeta [Tau Alpha] came and played games with me and my sisters. I got her number, and she texted me Happy Valentine’s Day the next day! I loved having a bunch of girls over to our house just to be weird and hang together. I felt like I could totally be myself with everyone!” 

Enjoying the music, some mingling at the event taught each other TikTok dances, while others on the opposite side of the room squeezed onto couches and huddled around the coffee table, sharing funny stories and playing popular card games such as “Who’s Most Likely To.” A letter writing station, with pens and pretty cards, allowed girls to write sweet notes to the special galentines in their own lives. 

“Being able to make personalized cards with the Greek community is my favorite part of the event. I love how we can come together as a Greek family and enjoy little moments and make memories,” said another sister of Alpha Phi Peyton Stites. 

Amanda Onofrio, Director of External Events for Alpha Phi, expressed her excitement in being able to execute the planning for the event,“my favorite part of having the opportunity to plan the Galentine’s mixer is being able to come up with fun new ideas that are different from last year’s event in order to make it exciting for the sisters and other sororities who attend it every year.”  

The opportunity to mix with women from all organizations and embrace the beauty of unique and diverse womanhood has made Alpha Phi’s Galentine’s Day a sure hit within the Panhellenic community. 

Macy Highland of Gamma Phi Beta stated that, “one of my favorite moments of the Galentine’s mixer is reconnecting with old friends that I haven’t been able to see this semester.” 

Onofrio also talked about the importance of a ladies-only event on campus, “I feel that the Galentine’s mixer helps to bring all the organizations together as it is a day to spend time with your “girlfriends,” and it allows Greek women to bond and unite as females. The overall theme for the mixer this year was based on the concept of ‘girl gang’ and to bring awareness to the unity of girls coming together to create confidence and growth within one another.”

Members of all different organizations really seem to enjoy this event every year especially because it is a way for new members who recently ran home to bond with their sisters. This event seems to be one that will continue to grow and become more popular as years pass. It has achieved a lot of success over the past couple years and really brings together the Panhellenic community.

~Micaela Moran, Staff Writer~

Micaela Moran is a member of Alpha Phi.

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