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The Bachelor recap: Week 7

Last week on a special second episode of “The Bachelor,” Peter surprisingly sent home Victoria P. after all the drama their relationship has suffered. Tammy started yet another dispute in the house with Mykenna, claiming she is childish. Peter took them on a two-on-one to end their dispute and ended up sending Tammy home. Although, later at the rose ceremony, he also sent home Mykenna and Sydney, who he seemed to have a strong connection with. 

This week, the show started with six women heading to Peru and ended with four gearing up for hometown visits next week. Peter kicks off the dates of the episode with a one-on-one with Madison, who he seems to have the strongest connection with. At the dinner portion of the night, Peter gives her the first rose of the episode. Peter sent Natasha home on their one-on-one to the sad sound of a string ensemble. The next one-on-one goes to Kelsey and ends with a rose and a secure spot for hometowns. 

The episode ends with a three-on-one date between Kelley, Hannah Ann and Victoria F.. After a dramatic conversation with Peter, Victoria F. gets an unexpected rose from Peter despite him canceling the dinner portion. Kelley rightfully was sent home at the end of the date, probably from using the word fun too much. Next week, Bachelor Nation is headed to Victoria F., Hannah, Kelsey and Madison’s hometowns.

~Kaitlin Sanata, Staff Writer~

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