Honey Q Korean BBQ is a sweet success

Local restaurant offers earthy environment and customer participation

While looking for a restaurant that wasn’t Panera or BJ’s for once last Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided that we were both craving BBQ, but with a twist. With only a quick google search did we find Honey Q, a Korean BBQ restaurant which had only been open for a few months. As we were driving over, we began to realize how hidden this gem was. With Arby’s and Food Lion just across the street, we didn’t uncover how cluttered Newport News was with unplanned buildings and had trouble finding the restaurant. 

When we walked up, we were shocked to find the place empty, but beautifully decorated in greys, reds, and browns. The outlining walls were covered in structured metal, while the restaurant was separated into smaller rooms with red window panes. The booths were created with different stains of wood, which gave the room a very earthy atmosphere due to the metal walls. Edison-style string lights were strung across the ceilings, which mellowed down the lighting of the space; some restaurants may have harsh or too-dim lighting, but that wasn’t the case at Honey Q.  

We found out that what makes Korean BBQ so special is the option to grill your own food that has been prepared for you. We were given many sauces and side dishes at our disposal for us to accompany our food. My boyfriend ordered the thinly sliced beef brisket, which certainly wasn’t a light dish. Our waitress brought over the bright red beef over and the grill, and then placed the beef atop of the heated surface. Not too soon after did we have our food ready to just be picked off at the perfect roast. Since we had over 8 types of food on the table, all of the aroma’s smelled wonderfully when mixed together. We tried the beef with about every side dish we had before us, especially since we wanted to try new things for the first time tonight. In order to fully have Korean BBQ experience, I encourage anyone to use the large cabbage pieces in order to have any of the dishes they’re eyeing into one food palette. 

Considering I didn’t know how large my boyfriend’s meal was, I ordered the kan poong gi, which is deep fried chicken that is super crispy. The chicken is coated with addictively sweet, sour, and spicy sauce. When the waitress settled it onto our table, we found ourselves surprised with how much thick sauce had been flipped into the chicken. The sauce was more like a sticky pudding than a sauce. Regardless, the thick sauce tasted lovely and brightened the table with its deep orange colors. The chicken, since we paid for it to be cooked for us, was cooked perfectly inside of its crispy exterior. The meat easily came apart, which was nice considering I only had chop sticks at my disposal (I’m not an expert at using them). Time and time again we ate the chicken when we thought for a moment we couldn’t anymore – but honestly it was too delectable.

After we left, I decided I should continue finding somewhat secret restaurants like Honey Q. The food at Honey Q spoke for itself. I urge everyone to try out Honey Q, especially since it is only 12 minutes away from campus, and a short walk from multiple stores in the area.

~Ashley McMillan, A&E Editor~

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