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CNU-specific thrifting accounts gain popularity on Instagram

It’s no secret that thrifting is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially among college students. What’s not to like about it? Thrifting is an easy way to get unique clothes for prices that don’t break your bank. Whether you’re more of a Goodwill person or if you’re into consignment shops with curated collections, In the age of websites like Depop, ThredUP and Poshmark, it’s becoming easier and easier to make some quick money selling your old clothes online. But what if there were a more local community of thrifters that existed right here on campus?

Enter the several Instagram accounts that have cropped up recently, specific to thrifting in the CNU community. These online outlets are dedicated to supplying the student body with the trendy threads that they’re looking for at prices that even the brokest of broke college students can afford.

Two of these accounts have recently surfaced: @thrifted.outfitters and @cnu.thifted. Both accounts have quickly gained popularity within the CNU community as students have caught on to the ease and convenience of thrifting online.

Emily Morejon and Anika Clickener are the two freshmen behind @cnu.thrifted. Morejon said that she first got the idea to start the account after her mom encouraged her to go to Plato’s Closet over winter break to sell some of her old clothes. “I took in a bunch of clothes and they took about 3 out of 20 items that I had,” she said. “I remember being surprised that they didn’t accept more since they all seemed like really cute pieces to me!”

She eventually decided that an online thrift store dedicated to the CNU community was the way to go. “I wanted to run the account with Anika since we are both business marketing majors and both interested in social media marketing… We also noticed that there wasn’t anything like this at CNU that was active and thought it’d be a great addition to the community,” she said.

Following in the footsteps of @cnu.thrifted, @thrifted.outfitters was the next thrift account specific to the university to come into existence. Celia Berghoff, the owner of the account, said, “I’ve always loved going thrifting and when I discovered this community of instagram thrift accounts, I thought it was the perfect fit for me. I get my items from thrift stores and some are my clothes that I either don’t want anymore or think that someone else would get more use out of.”

Although these two accounts are the only ones so far that are specific to CNU, their influence and outreach have grown quickly. Other accounts will most likely spring up and follow in their footsteps as thrifting becomes more popular on campus.

At CNU Farmer’s Market during the fall and spring which includes many student vendors, some students have taken to selling old clothes there in person. Thrifting online creates an easier shopping experience for vendors and buyers alike, because they can quickly snag what they like and scroll past what they don’t. Thrifting is already incredibly popular among CNU students. For those who don’t have cars with them at school, a campus-specific thrifting network online is a great way for them to shop without needing to catch a ride to their nearest thrift store from a friend.

The online thrift store community is quickly becoming one of the many facets of the vibrant student body at CNU, and as their popularity grows and their outreach expands, everyone on campus might eventually be wearing some of their unique thrifted threads.

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

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