A closer look at Signing Day

Photography Editor Hannah Lindenblad interviews the attendees of this event to get the full experience from both sides of the table 

Thomas Bolton said while preparing for this event, “We tied ties in bathroom as a group; that was pretty fun.” They all agree the best way to describe Signing Day was “busy.” – (From left to right) Alex Davis, Major: Information Science; Thomas Bolton, Major: Physics; Jose Brown, Major: American Studies

“We are here to help students if they have any questions about upcoming deadlines for applications for summer scholars or research grants, as well as Paideia.” Signing day is “inspiring.” “It’s inspiring to see all the young minds at Christopher Newport thinking about what they are going to do for the rest of their career here and to think about how much work they have put in so far and how much they have left to do.”   
– Mara Tharp, Senior representing Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity 
Signing day is “exciting.” There are “new opportunities” and you “get to meet people in your major and people who are going to advise you; it’s  a new experience with new connections”  
– Anna Sophia Nix , Major: Fine Arts and Political Science 
For the Department of Communications, preparation for Signing Day involves putting together a packet of information about the major for students. [It includes] our internship programs, the basic curriculum and study abroad options, as well as general information on about who the faculty are and what it is that we study. In our Department, we divide up the periods of signing amongst the faculty so [students] can see a variety of the staff at our table.” Signing day in one word “professionalism.”  – Communications Studies professor Todd Goen

“There is a lot of energy  inside the room,” and “the cookies are very lit.” -(Left) Tatyana Yates, Major: Communications. It felt like a “new” experience with a “fun energy.” -(Right) Bailee Comer, Major: Political Science 

~Hannah Lindenblad, Photography Editor~

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