Winter Involvement Fair full of opportunities

Variety of cultures, special interests and even careers represented

The Winter Involvement Fair on Jan. 30 was buzzing with hopeful and curious students looking for free items such as drink cozies, pens, buttons and, of course, new organizations to join. This year, not only was there free swag from the organizations looking for new members, but CNU Catering provided a free nacho bar and donuts for all the attendees to enjoy. 

Upon entering the fair, students were greeted by all the departments and Anchor Organizations at the top of the grand staircase in the David Student Union. According to the Student Assembly, Anchor Organizations “are those that are considered to be relevant to the mission and culture of the University.” They include groups such as the Residence Hall Association, Campus Activities Board and The Captain’s Log. All of these organizations influence the campus culture and organize events that help bring everyone together as a part of the Christopher Newport University community.

There were also many clubs present at the fair that are not a part of this collective group of organizations. In the David Student Union Ballroom, there was a big LED screen flashing different images from around campus and 76 registered Student Organizations.

There were a variety of clubs from A Cappella to the Writer’s Syndicate of CNU; if you have an interest, there is a club for it. There were also clubs based on culture and identity, social awareness, profession based organizations and more. 

The Asian Student Union (ASU), the Black Student Union (BSU) and the Latino Student Association (LSA) were at the front of the Ballroom, and all of these organizations welcome anybody to their club whether they are a part of the culture or just want to learn more about other cultures. Junior Maria Cira Angel, a member of the LSA, said “It’s embracing the culture so you can get more specific and learn more about different nationalities.” For social awareness, there were groups like Where’s the Line, whose main purpose is “supporting survivors and educating,” according to their Vice President, senior Karrah Tranquill. 

Looking for some experience for a specific career path? There are clubs just for that as well, including Pre-Veterinary and Captain’s Emergency Response Organization; both of those clubs are open to people looking for that career path or just general interest in the topic. For those who are into athletics, but don’t want the time commitment of varsity sports, there were plenty of options including Gymnastics, Rowing and Field Hockey within the Boardroom to the right of the second floor lobby. 

Although the size of the Involvement Fair could feel daunting to some since there were one hundred organizations present, upon a closer look and more personal conversation with those sitting at the tables, it becomes a more social and engaging event. Kattie Iwanski, a sophomore from the Emerging Leadership program, said,  “CNU is going to push you outside of your comfort zone, and you need to take those opportunities that they give you.” 

Those who were willing to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace those opportunities were rewarded with new connections to organizations and potentially found new niches on campus for themselves.

~Hannah Lindenblad, Photography Editor~

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